Saturday, November 29, 2003

Waiting is my life

Current music: U2 - The Joshua Tree

So far I have really enjoyed my few days off. Wednesday night Kris, Pizza Kid, and I went out for some laughs. Hit up Jim's Steak Out, Spot, then the Pink. Kris got way too wasted. Thursday I drove to Rochester and had a nice Thanksgiving with the rents and watched Finding Nemo. Friday I went out to breakfast with my sister to Brueggers Bagels then just hung around the rest of the day and played with the dog. Went over to Jennie's at night and watched Zoolander. I love that movie.

Today I go up early to do breakfast with my rents at Sweetland, but they were closed so we went to the New Yorker instead. It was pretty good, but Sweetland is better. After that it was snowing too hard to drive back to Buffalo so I waited until about 1 then left. Since I have been back here I haven't done too much interesting stuff. Just cleaning and burning CD's.

I might buy the new Dell Inspiron 1100 Notebook for $599, but I am not sure yet. I need to decide quick before the promo ends. Now I am just waiting for Lori to call. She is a punk. Says she will call at is nearly 8!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Making up my mind

Current music: Mogwai - I Know You Are But What Am I?

Well, it is the weekend already and it is only Wednesday. I love it. Finally got those pictures online that I promised...

I was planning to go to Rochster tonight, but I changed my mind. I will hang out with Kris, Tim, Bob, and Parz tonight instead.

My cousin helped me change my oil in my car today. First time I did it myself.

Got the DHCP renewal working now at work so it felt good to finish something up just before the weekend.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Mondays are sleep days

Current music: Pedro the Lion - A Mind of Her Own

I got home from work last night and fell asleep on the couch by 5:30 pm. I woke up at 9 and made a few phone calls and watched the OC. Then I did a little work on the computer and went back to bed at 11:30. It was pretty awesome.

So the new OC wasn't that great of an episode in my opinion. Lots of weird stuff happened. Marissa's old boyfriend and Ryan become friends and find out that his dad is gay. His dad tells his mom and then everything explodes in town and ends with them getting in a fight with some homo-haters. Marissa and Ryan get in an argument over whether or not Marissa told people about her old boyfriend's dad being gay. Kirsten helps out Marissa's mom with sorting out her life. Summer and the Pittsburgh girl become friends until Seth apologizes to them. Then they both want dates with him. There, now I have ruined another episode for you!

I am at work right now and just figured out that we can't renew the DHCP address when the lease expires because we are doing it from the wrong place and ignoring ARP's that come through. This causes a timeout. So now I have to write a whole subsystem to put into the health monitoring system to check whether or not the DHCP lease needs to be renewed then renew it at that point.

I am really learning the intricacies of DHCP. Not that it is all that complicated, but I guess it is a good protocol to know.

Got more email from that girl I mentioned yesterday. Why is she so far away?

Monday, November 24, 2003

Back from my excursions

Current music: Appleseed Cast - E to W

Well, Friday was intense. I called Stowe in the morning and they said they were going to open Saturday. Called Ryan and we made the plans. I left work at about 4 and packed my stuff. I was at Ryan's house in Rochester at about 6:15 then we left for Plattsburgh. Got up there at 11:30. Pretty good time considering we even stopped for dinner.

Visited with Shaun and Mario and Lori came over too. Slept at Mike's for about 4 hours then at 5:45 am hit up Dunkin Donuts and took off for Stowe.

We were at Stowe by 8 and riding by 8:30. The day started really icy, but quickly softened up. Ryan took one hell of a digger on a rail and injured his ass. Rode all day until about 2 pm then hit up the Cabot outlet and then back to Plattsburgh we went.

Dinner was at Mangia's and Coffee Club meeting was at Coffee Camp. We went to see an illusionist and that was really weird. This guy could totally read minds and crap like that.

After that I simply passed out. I couldn't take any more. In the morning we went to eat at this really crappy diner where Something Cool used to be and paid too much for a crappy breakfast. Ryan, Mike, and I went over to see the Hartman's and then left to come back home at about 2:30 pm. We made it to Ryan's at about 7:45 then I visited the rents quickly and came back to Buffalo. When I got back to my apartment and looked at my computer I had a message from someone that made me really happy. I don't think she ever reads this, but if she made me happy.

Holy crap. I am tired today!

This morning I was a disaster. The temperature is going to drop today from about 58 this morning to 28 by the evening. Of course I didn't pay any attention to this and didn't wear a jacket so I am gonna freeze going home from work. I also completely forgot that our Chinese Monday coordinator is out this week so we are not having it. Ended up going to Pizza Hut and stuffing myself.

I think I need a cup of tea. Pictures from the weekend will be up soon and there are some mean ones.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Sleep was needed

Current music: Ben Folds - new EP

Last night I sat down at 7 to watch The Two Towers and I rememeber seeing the first 20 minutes and I woke up at 9:30. At that point I just turned off the TV and went and got in bed. Next thing I knew it was 6:15 this morning and time to go to work. Felt good to sleep. I needed it.

Working on this stupid DHCP stuff right now. Our product isn't renewing its DHCP lease when the lease expires. Pretty simple fix, but for some reason it doesn't want to compile.

It is almost time for Pizza Thursday, only about 15 more minutes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Ready for LOTR

Current music: Snapcase - Steps

LOTR-TTT extended edition came out yesterday. I am definitely going to watch it tonight. I bought it yesterday, but I was busy with a few other things so I couldn't dedicate 4 hours to watching it.

Ryan and I might go up to Stowe this weekend to do some riding, but now it is looking like plans will probably be cancelled. Too much rain the forecast.

I think it is time to change my desktop background. I have had this one on for quite a while now. I am using this one here at work...of course a much larger version though.

I have decided to switch to this.

Through a window!

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Time to ruin another

Another week...another ruined OC for all you people reading. I didn't quite make it a full 24 hours early this time, only 22!

Ryan and Marissa go to Chino to see his brother. Ryan gets asked to deliver a stolen car and does and almost gets beaten up, but Marissa saves him after she learns about his old girlfriend and how Ryan used to do musicals. Seth manages to piss off both Summer and the Pittsburgh chick by hooking up with both of them and then they both find out. Seth's parents try to hook up Jimmy and Rachel and it works. Seth's grandfather and Marissa's mother show up for Thanksgiving dinner and the whole thing turns crazy. It all smooths out in the end with everybody eating Chinese, even though Seth's girls are both gone.

I remember sitting on your car that night.

Current music: Ben Folds - newest EP

Damien Jurado was so awesome last night. Rosie Thomas was really good too. I didn't have enough cash on me to get one of her CD's though so I ended up with Damien Jurado's new EP called Holding his Breath. It sounds really good. I have only listened to it once today and I didn't really focus on it since I was coding at the time.

I can't wait... the new Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers came out today. I am gonna pick it up on my way home and watch it tonight. If anybody wants to watch it with me then give me a call.

Damn, this new Ben Folds is really good. Ok, back to work now.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Damien is tonight...really!

Current music: Ben Folds Five - Mess

This weekend rocked almost as hard as last weekend...maybe harder because the mission was completed last night.

Friday Kris and I went over to Jimmy's house and hung out with Leisha and some others then hit up the Pink. We played some pool with a crack head. Pretty awesome.

Saturday I spent most of the day either at Barnes & Noble reading or at my computer. How exciting!

Saturday night I went out with Beth, Brickey, Frank, Daryl, Clint, Liz, and some other people to Spicy Thai. Beth said that my meal smelled like elephants. I guess that is not a good thing... It wasn't the best Thai I have ever had. We went to Texas Chainsaw Massacre after that. Pretty sweet movie. Acting was terrible, but seeing Jessica Biel in a wet white tanktop isn't a bad thing. I was "sufficiently scared" since I have never seen the original one.

Sunday we had Ballz Mission Night again. Got some food at Pano's then commenced on the mission. Joe whistled. Sarah mooned. Kris pressed ham. Sarah invited. Mission completed!

Can't wait to see Damien Jurado tonight. Everybody should go...Mohawk @ 9.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Tasting India

Just got back from an awesome lunch at Taste of India! Man, that place rocks. Prices aren't bad and the food is fantastic. I don't know why I haven't gone there before since it is so close to my apartment. Hit up the doctor's office on the way. I have to get blood work, urine tests, and x-rays next week and bring them back to the doctor so he can complete the forms. Once I have that done and I get my fingerprint stuff back all I will have to do is send out the visa application to the embassy! Getting ready...

Back to work because I am really busy lately.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

And if you focus very hard...

Current music: The Rapture - Echoes

Work is starting to really pick up in pace lately, but I think it might fall flat again soon. Yesterday was pretty cool. I just hung out at Barnes & Noble for the evening and read. I think I am gonna start doing that more. I enjoy it. Started reading a book about investing. I am really starting to get wrapped up in it.

Tuesday night Matt and I went to the mall. I got the new Rapture cd and I love it. I have listened to it atleast 8 times since then. It is pretty good coding music and I have done plenty of that lately. I am writing a JPEG decoder right now. It is a really simple one that just extracts height and width information. However, it could easily be made into a much more elaborate one. I am doing it for work. We are going to be embedding it in one of our products so that if images change sizes (which they could because of our demanding OEM's) we need to restructure the page to accomodate.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Another new OC

Current music: The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Just finished watching the OC's new episode more than a full day before it is out. Not bad huh? Marissa and Ryan are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. They don't go out on their new date, but he catches Marissa's mom kissing Seth's grandfather. Marissa exposes the affair on a yacht at a party when she thought that her parents were gonna get back together. Summer admits that she like Seth and kisses him. Seth doesn't tell Anna. Anna tries to kiss him, but he walks away. Quite a bit happened this episode. Good thing I spoiled it for you!

Monday, November 10, 2003

Weekends are better than weekdays

Damn that was a good weekend. Went to see Elf on Friday night with Beth, Brickey, Rachel, and a ton of other people. That movie was really funny. Afterwards we went over to Jim's Truck Stop. We should hang out in truck stops more often. There are some pretty awesome characters there.

Saturday I got up early and made some eggs then headed off to Rochester. Jennie and I went to the AJA Noodle Company. It reminded me a lot of Xin Vego. Their chinese dishes were similar, but not everything was vegetarian. Saw Colin Mockery (from Whose Line is it Anyway?) in Geneseo with my parents at night. I missed the peak of the eclipse because we were in the show, but I saw most of it. Drove home after that I got in about 1 am. Kris wanted me to meet him out at Goodbar, but I had to decline. I shoulda gone though because it was quite a night according to him.

Sunday morning I went to Aunt Patty's investment club meeting. It was pretty good. I learned quite a bit and have some new investment ideas. Right now I have two stocks I want to buy. Neither of them are tech stocks. I need to diversify a little. One is a medical supply company and the other is a retailer of home furnishings and such. I am again not going to name them yet. I will track them a little bit and make sure of what I think of them. I will tell you though...the investment club decided to purchase 75 shares of Bed, Bath, and Beyond, 50 shares of Hot Topic, and 50 shares of Corinthian College. All three of which I am fond of investing in although I would have chosen University of Phoenix Online over Corinthian. After the meeting I went home and called up Kris. We went hiking down in the Niagara Gorge. We went to the Upper Whirlpool Rapids. It is really awesome this time of year because the water level is low and you can walk out on the rocks that are usually the river bed. We took a lot of pictures then climbed this 25 foot rock wall that we could have just walked around but then where is the adventure. Called up Tim and Joe on the way home and met them out at the Golden Duck for T. Decided to go hang out at Starbucks after and that is where the madness began. Ballz Missions night began and moved to Target then to Wegman's.

Pictures from the gorge will be coming on my website soon...

Thursday, November 06, 2003

2 days of chicken, hot sauce, and pizza

Yesterday Kris told me to come over and eat chicken wing pizza. So I did. Today is Pizza Thursday at work and I got chicken finger pizza. Only in Buffalo!

I called the police this morning to set up my fingerprinting... Stupid appointments were all taken up by 8:05 am. I gotta call tomorrow at about 7:30 am. I need to print out my doctor's stuff too and bring it to them to start filling out.

Hung out at Kris and Tim's last night for a while. Kris definitely played a Stacy Clark song on his guitar and sang it! Ha!

Ok, that investment I made a few weeks ago now...maybe it was the beginning of last week...was Corning Glass (GLW). It has done quite well since I bought it. Up 6.07% since I bought it as of 1:14 pm today. I would put it at a long-term "strong buy" right now. General Communications (GNCMA) isn't doing terribly either. That is up 4.24% since I bought it as of 1:15 pm today. I don't really wanna say much about GNCMA other than I have it. The latest earnings reports that came out today are kinda mixed. I guess I would say "hold" for now, but that may change soon.

So I am making a little cash there. I have a few more investments that I am considering lately... I'll keep those to myself for the moment.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Waiting waiting waiting

Waiting for my boss to get off the phone.

So last night I fell asleep on my couch and woke up on my living room floor. Only problem was it was 6:14 am. It was 1 minute before my alarm was gonna go off. So I slept the entire night not in my bed. I am not sure how much of it I spent on the floor though.

He is off the phone. Bye.

Here we go again

Current music: The Beach Boys - Original Gold CD2

Back at work for the day. I am waiting for the NYS Department of Criminal Justice to call so that I can figure out what I need to do about my visa fingerprinting. I think I will wait until after lunch and if I still haven't heard from the woman I will give her a call again.

Last night I pretty much sat around and watched tv all night. I watched the new OC that is playing tonight. I watched 2 episodes of Simpsons. I watched The Office Season 1 Episode 1. If I don't get more active I am gonna start gaining weight again. It is so hard though when it is dark and rainy and there is no snow to do some riding.

Does anybody wanna go to the Reggie and the Full Effect show in Rochester tonight? I might go if I have somebody to go with so text me or something.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The OC...before it aired...two weeks in a row!

Well, Marissa and Ryan kiss. Everybody knows that from the previews. Ryan slide-tackles her old boyfriend and causes lotsa drama. That girl from Pittsburgh likes Seth, and kisses him. She plays it off as she is just trying to help him get Sommer. He ends up riding the tilt-a-whirl with Sommer in the end and the Pittsburgh girl is all disappointed. Now that I have ruined it for you again maybe I will next week as well.

Monday, November 03, 2003

I'll get through it. I'm better than this.

Current music: Onelinedrawing - 15,000

My boss is the first person to notice that I am going for a winter look... He said "Nice beard you're starting...I like Winter Lenny."

Chinese Monday was a success even though it was late. Man, I really need something to do today. Time to see the boss.

Here I am...naked

Current music: Death Cab for Cutie - Your Bruise

Back at work after 3 days off. That felt pretty good. Reggie is playing tomorrow in Toronto and Wednesday in Rochester. I am definitely going to one of them!

Yesterday I hit up the outlet mall in Niagara Falls. I got some pretty sweet pants from Gap for only $10. I didn't really find any other good deals.

Got a meeting soon. Made some progress on my stuff this morning so that feels pretty good.

I need to get my police report about myself filled out for my NZ visa, but it's a pain because I have to get fingerprinted. Since I already was printed last summer for a job I think I should just be able to have them use those prints. I gotta call the FBI or State Police during lunch and ask, but I don't really have any numbers to call. I am gonna just call the State Police I guess and ask them what I need to do. I need to print out the doctor's forms too and bring those to the doctor to have filled out. I hope I don't have to go through a whole eval. That would be crap.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

I am wasting away the day

This weekend has been pretty awesome. Last night I went out with the dudes. I got snuck into the show, but my keys were in Joe's car and Joe and Tim didn't get in so I left with them. We went to Leisha's then to Davina's then to some party. Party was so lame but there were some really cute girls there. Then Kris and Tim and around in underwear and speedos. Some girl ripped Kris's underwear off and that made the party. Hit up the Pink for a while, but got bored quick.

Ballz night is making a comeback.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

halloween is a waste of time

Current music: Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration

Last night was pretty sweet. Dan came to visit Jeff and I before he left to move to Vail. Damn, all my friends are moving far away. I guess I am next. I was cool to see Dan one last time and as always it is good to spend time with Jeff and Jen. We watched 28 Days Later and I was surprised. It was actually pretty good. Maybe a little over the top some of the time, but really cool nonetheless. Weird stuff to think about.

Show tonight! It should be fun because Kris, Tim, and I will all get to hang out. We never do that anymore. I think we might go out for some dinner beforehand. I can't wait to see ETID. Last time (the only time) I saw them I missed most of their set but from what I did see I loved it. Snapcase is always ok to see even if I do hate their new stuff.