Friday, January 30, 2004

I want Thai every day

Current music: Air - All I Need

This song reminds me of driving the Wegman's truck around with Scott and Adam and listening to WBER. This new Air album got me in the mood for old Air too. I have been listening to it all the time lately. I wish I could listen to WBER here at work, but they would go crazy if I was streaming audio over the network. I wonder if I can come up with a way of doing it... I miss the Friday morning show.

I have decided that I need to marry a Thai woman so she can cook me Thai food every day. Jeff, Beth, Tim, and I went to Jasmine's last night for some food then over to Feel Rite for cookies. A night of good eats. I think I have been smiling from the moment I smelled the food outside the restaurant. Just sipping on some Dragon Well green tea now and that makes me smile more.

I was going to pack and do laundry last night so I was ready to go to Plattsburgh tonight, but instead I just went to bed. I am gonna have to pack furiously when I get home from work. Not sure what I am gonna pack though because I don't know if I have any clean clothes.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Stupid doctors

Current music: Kim Wilde - Kids in America

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday because my throat has been bothering me. I don't have strep. My throat is inflamed though. I probably just have some viral Infection (a cold) and it will pass. I hope so. This really sucks and really hurts.

On my way back to work I stopped off at Rite-Aid and picked up some zinc lozenges and Motrin since she told me that Motrin would be all she can do about the pain and I was almost out at home. She said this sore throat could turn itself into a cold. I decided to start zinc'ing up to hopefully get rid of it. It has helped me before and my mom swears by it.

this week is dragging

Current music: Air - Surfing on a Rocket is not Friday yet? I was gonna go play some pool last night and Jeff was gonna go with me, but by the time he said he wasn't gonna go it was late. I decided to just stay in and read. Fun night eh.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My employer cares more about productivity than my safety.

Current music: Anathallo - A Holiday at the Sea

I made it to work. Several things almost kept me home... The first thing was my throat. I think I have strep. It has been bothering me since Friday, but now I can see white spots. That can't be good. Number two was the snow. I have no idea why the roads have not been closed. It is rediculous outside. The snow is coming down pretty hard and the wind is blowing fast. Visibility is near zero and schools are still open. What the hell is wrong with people?

I made an appointment with the doctor for 11am. I hope I can make it there. I hope he tells me to go home.

Last night I downloaded the new Air album. Amazing... I listened to it twice last night. Went for a drive to go to the grocery store and dropped off a copy of the album at somebody's house. I slept so well last night. Need more nights like that.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Monday Nights Win Me Money

Current music: Pavement - Baptist Blacktick

Didn't get much sleep last night after a long and prosperous night at the bowling alley. When I got there I didn't really feel like betting with the dudes, so I found Tammy and bowled with her and her normal crew for a game. After that game Katilus came down and said they needed another guy to make a team and wanted to know if I was interested. I said fine, so I went down there when I was done. During the game with Tammy I had put down $5 on Quick Pick 1&10 like usual and won $10.

So I went down and entered the Blades game for $5 and the card game for $1. Once the teams were picked I knew we were gonna win. Ended up with a 173 for the game and 2 pair, 3's and Aces.

By the time I walked out of the alley, after paying for shoes and two games of bowling I was up $21. Overall, a productive evening. I didn't get to bed until about 1 AM though. Now I am pretty tired, but I can rock it.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Back from a relxing weekend in the Cuse

Current music: Tom Waits - Diamonds & Gold

After work on Friday I took off for the Cuse. It was snowing like mad when I go there, but I didn't have much farther. Made it to Tor's and we hung out for a while then went to Dorian's for some dinner. Tor warned me before we got there that they have terrible service. The girl that took our orders was swearing at someone on the phone while taking Tor's order. Then she got off the phone and took mine. I said I wanted a small eggplant sub. She asked me what eggplant tasted like so I told her it is the steak of vegetables. Then she wanted to know if I was vegetarian. I said no and then she said, "So why do you want to get it?" What the hell kinda question is that. I said I wanted it so she should give it to me. So anyways, I told her that I like eggplant so she said fine and asked what else I wanted. I told her just a small coke and pointed at the fountain machine. She said I should get the bigger one from the cooler. I asked why and she tells me that she doesn't like to pour fountain drinks even though she can reach the damn thing from sitting on her stool and she would have to get up to get the one from the cooler. I asked which was cheaper and she said the fountain one and I said that is why I want that one. The other was bigger than I wanted anyways. She finally got it, but this was some bad service! What kinda restaurant tries to talk you out of everything you want? This was not their gimmic or anything like that. They just suck.

Leslie came home when we got back and showed me all her fish. We hung out for a while then all went to bed. They keep their thermostat all the way up because they don't have to pay for their heat, but I was dying. I sweated hardcore.

The next morning we went out to breakfast at the Little Gem Diner. It is this really nasty looking little trailer, but Tor said the food was good. Once again, I get the worst service! Tor and Leslie...service was just fine. Me...get screwed. I had to ask 3 times just to get water. I ordered blueberry pancakes but she brought me regular pancakes. When I said that I had ordered blueberry ones, she just said, "Oh, the blueberries are underneath." I picked of the pancakes...there were no blueberries. I didn't say anything. It wasn't worth the effort.

Tor and I headed up to Lowville to do some snowshoeing at Whetstone Gulf State Park. Not a bad drive, but it was so cold. The start of the hike was really steep. We stopped heaps because the cold was hurting our lungs. When we finally got to the top of the ridge it was so damn cold and windy we knew we weren't gonna make it the whole hike. We ended up turning around after about a mile and half. Tor thought he junk was gonna fall off because he hadn't worn any long johns and my face was getting near frostbite. Tor hiked about half the way down with his hand in his pants to keep the junk warm. When we got to the parking lot we realized there was a thermometer and it was reading -8F. Yikes...

We headed back home and hung out for a little bit, took showers and stuff then went to the mall. Ate at Pizzeria Uno the hit up H&M.

Went back home and slacked off for the evening. Watched some soccer and traded some music.

In the morning Tor, Leslie, and I decided to go to Friendly's for breakfast. The bad service everywhere didn't stop at Friendly's. It took us nearly two hours to get our food. The waitress sucked, the cook sucked... The waitress did take off one sandwich, and gave us free sundaes, so that was nice of her, but we were there forever!

I am convinced that Syracuse is out to get me.

Friday, January 23, 2004

happy...oh so happy

Current music: Elvis Presley - (You're the) Devil in Disguise

Today has been pretty rockin so far. Came into work and two of the women I work with brought in bagels. The used the gift certificates they won from the holiday party and got us 4 dozen! I grabbed the toaster out of the lunch room and we have been making bagels all morning. We should have bagels every day!

So we were standing there eating bagels and Paras walked in. We pointed him to the bagels and he was pumped because he had just snagged some liquor-filled chocolates from the lunch room. I am passing on those, but the bagels suit me just fine.

So now I am just hanging out listening to some Elvis waiting for my compile to finish... Looks like it is almost done. Bye.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Please pick a color for your checklist

Current music: Q and Not U - Meet Me in the Pocket

This is what I call a party. Sitting here in my cube at work rocking out to some Q and Not U in my headphones so loud that there is no possible way I could hear anything around me even if they were open air.

I am gonna miss working here when I move away. I enjoy it except for the lack of internet and sometimes the boringness when I have nothing to do.

Problem is...I don't think sitting in front of this computer for the next 20+ years of my life is gonna make me a better person.

At least one good thing came from all of it

Current music: Zao - In Loving Kindness

Well, nothing really happened last night. Just went home and spent most of the evening organizing music on my computer and burning a lot of it. Listened to the Children of Bodom that I downloaded. Whoa...why had I never heard of them before? That is some pretty fantastic stuff. Got me in the mood for more metal.

Oh yeah! Today is Pizza Thursday and then Tim and I are hitting up Natalie's tonight for dinner. It sucks that Jim is leaving work. He put in his two weeks notice this week so next Thursday is the last Pizza Thursday unless someone else takes over the organizing of it.

Tor and snowshoes tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Yeah... I'm Ready!

Current music: The Gloria Record - Start Here

So I just got back to work. Headed over to the radiologist for a few minutes. I had the guy sign some papers and got the X-ray films to send to the embassy. Now all I have left to do is send the stuff in to the embassy and buy my plane tickets once they approve my visa. I will finish up my application tonight when I get home from work and then probably go over to the FedEx or UPS at the airport and overnight that son of bitch.

I am getting pumped. I can feel the warm NZ sun already. I can see the crystal clear skies full of southern hemisphere stars. I can hear the accent. I can taste the water. I see myself driving on the left. I can see good ol' Hams in my head. Best of all...I can see my friends.

Fed up and quitting

Current music: Pavement - Two States (Live)

Yesterday I finished... Tried to hang Tried to So forget it. Why do I care so much anyways? I have my friends, what is one more?

Matt called me up yesterday and was trying to get me to talk about moving to NZ, but I was at work. I had to give really short answers and I felt bad. When I got home I called him back and he and Molly invited me over for dinner. They made some really good Philly Cheese Steaks, but with satan instead of steak. It was surprisingly good. Jeff and Beth had invited me out for Thai as well, but I already made plans with Matt and Molly.

After dinner we went over to Jeff's and watched American Idol try-outs with Jeff and Beth then all hit up Slick Willy's for some pool and Kris came too. Matt and Molly never stood a chance. They didn't know what hit them. I need to play more. My skills are getting rusty.

It really was a fun night even though this post makes it kinda boring. I'm glad I have such good friends around here. Here as in the northeast. I am gonna miss them. I never miss people, but this time I will.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Money, money, money

Current music: Elliott - Calm Americans

Last night when I got home from work I took a little nap then did some shopping. I needed some more CD-R's. I swear, I go through those thing with a fury. Found some at OfficeMax for free after rebates, and they were the last ones left on the shelf. Hit up Wegman's after that. Went home and watched the OC then off to bowling.

Why is it that girls are disinterested in me all the time? They just wanna be my friend, then after we are friends and I have moved on they want more? Not sure what to make of the current one, but this as happened several times in the past and I don't like it.

Bowling was pretty sweet. I wasn't gonna bet because I didn't really feel like losing money this week. So I was walking down to bowl with Zubz and Laurie when I saw Tammy. She was down for some bowling so I was gonna bowl with her. Katilus came over and said they needed one more person so they could have three teams for betting. I reluctantly agreed, and it is a good thing I did... The first game we kicked some serious ass. Blasak bowled a 266 and I was on his team! Then the second game came right down to the wire. With the last person left in the 10th we were ahead by about 10 pins. Paul stepped it up with two strikes and an 8... Game over! I was on the winning team twice. I did pretty well too, so it's not like my teammates carried me or anything. I put up solid games. I also won the card game they play the second game...only $5, but still $5. So after all was said and done, I had rented shoes, paid for 2 games, and walked out with $18 more than I came in with...

Monday, January 19, 2004

Sleep overwhelms me, so I don't

Current music: The Gloria Record - Torch Yourself

Ahhh...Chinese Monday fills my belly. I am tired now, so I must have more tea.

I actually have something productive to do today here at work. It is great. I have been really rockin on it too. I think I am gonna switch gears for the afternoon and see what else is going on. Get out from under my headphones.

Lately I have been feeling defeated...


Current music: Mogwai - Ratts of the Capital

Let's see...Friday Hopper called me to go out for dinner. I had already eaten, but I went with him to Fuddruckers and got some fries and a milkshake. Seriously, that place has the best milkshakes. Just went home and stayed there after that. Didn't really feel like going out. Had a kinda weird conversation with Lori for over an hour then went to bed.

Saturday I got up in the morning and decided I was going to rearrange my apartment, so I did. Cleaned a bit too. Looks way different now and I am not sure if I like it. Holly and I went to my work's holiday party. I always feel awkward at those things because I am oneo f the youngest people in the company and I don't really socialize with the people I work with outside of work. I mean, they are alright people, but just not my style I guess... Holly seemed to make herself comfortable, so that was good. People actually danced this year. THey never dance! It was the first time in our company's history that people danced at the holiday party. Funny stuff. I danced even though I have no moves.

Sunday morning Jeff picked me up and we went down to Kissing Bridge. The weather was great except a little windy. It was finally not super cold and snowed lightly on and off all day. The park was open for the second time of the season so the landings weren't pure ice. It was pretty sweet and we rode the park most of the day. Got some rockin pictures. Jeff messed up his ankle really bad and is definitely having trouble walking. I landed on my hip pretty hard once, but I can still walk.

I don't take signals well...say something please...

Friday, January 16, 2004

Stole this from Jennie

Current music: Queen and Elton John - The Show Must Go On

Senses Fail vs Finch:
Finch, just because I don't know Senses Fail

Spitalfield vs Fall Out Boy:
don't know either of them

Sunny Day Real Estate vs Jawbreaker:

The Clash vs The Ramones:
The Ramones

Foo Fighters vs Nirvana:

Story Of The Year vs Glassjaw:
Is this a question? Glassjaw

Yellowcard vs The Starting Line:
The Starting Line, again because I don't know YellowCard

No Doubt vs Save Ferris:
No Doubt

Thrice vs Thursday:

Cursive vs Bright Eyes:

The Postal Service vs Death Cab For Cutie:
Death Cab for Cutie

Ben Kweller vs Adam Green:
Ben Kweller

Incubus vs Hoobastank:
I love Incubus, but who the hell is Hoobastank?

Dashboard Confessional vs Further Seems Forever:
Further Seems Forever with Chris Carraba

The Offspring vs Green Day:
to quote Jennie, "OMG... green day"

ooooooohhhh yeah...Indian in an hour!

Current music: Explosions in the Sky - Snow and Lights

So last night I decided to do some shopping at the outlet mall. I hadn't been there in ages so I drove up there after work. I wanted to get a new shirt to wear on Saturday night and possibly a sweater or something to go over it. I figured if they had a shirt and tie deal going on I would get a tie too.

I went to Geoffrey Beene and J Crew because they usually have that kinda stuff in those places and I found a really sweet wool coat at J Crew that was marked from $179.99 down to $72.19! I also found the exact type of sweater I was looked for. That was marked from $49.99 down to $8.42! Some damn sweet deals. I also got the shirt I wanted, but not a new tie...the shirts were $19.99 and so were the ties. I just got a shirt that will look good with the sweater and a tie I have that will match the sweater.

Did some laundry at the laundromat, slacked off at home for a while, then went to bed.

Today I am going with a bunch of people from work out for Indian food for lunch. We are going to try out the buffet at Kabob & Curry. I hope it is good. Mina said her husband hated the buffet there, but my dinner a few weeks ago rocked.

Back to work on fixing some bugs here...

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Heat will never stop

Current music: Twothirtyeight - Just Dropping a Line

I have heat in my apartment again. WHen I got home from work last night it was turned back on, but it was still really cold. This morning it was finally up to par. The thermostat isn't installed yet. My landlord was going to finish installing that today.

I pretty much just hung out at home last night. Did some cleaning and stuff like that. Tried to be productive while I wasn't watching the OC. Excellent episode last night by the way.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

i love green tea

Current music: The Beach Boys - Help Me Rhonda

Cruised over to Nina's for sandwich!

embrace the cold to warm it

Current music: Mineral - Slower

When I got home from work yesterday it was still freezing in my apartment so I called my landlord and he said he wasn't finished on my boiler yet. So what the hell was I supposed to do? I ended up staying the night at Kris and Tim's on the couch. Got to hang with Tim and Robin for a while then watch the Simpsons with Tim and Jill.

I definitely didn't sleep very well, but I guess it had to have been better than at my apartment. Since I didn't want to go home this morning I hit up Tim Horton's on my way in and got some coffee, OJ, and a muffin. It is so cold out that by the time I got to work my coffee was cold and I had to put it in the microwave for two minutes just to get it kinda hot.

My right arm is really cold for some reason. I have been inside now for an hour, but I am still freezing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Had enough for the week...

Current music: Beck - Lonesome Tears

So last night I got home from work and my boiler was broken. The bottom had rotted out of it. My landlord is meant to be fixing it today...we'll see when I get home if he has completed it or not.

Went over to Beth's when I got home last night and headed to Subway then to Toronto for the Darkness with her, Mark, Tim, and Frank. Mark drove us in his Pathfinder. The ride there was pretty sweet. It was story time as usual and then the concert rocked. Damn, they can really play...

After the show we were waiting outside for some of Brickey's friends and John showed up. He had driven up to the show alone because he had to come earlier in the day for an interview. He wanted a ride to his car because it was pretty far away so he hopped in the back of Brickey's car (where the dog hair is) and we did the hooker loop. McCarthy asked someone to ride with him on the way back so he didn't have to go by himself so I went.

After paying $24 for parking we got on the QEW and started the journey that lasted from 11:30 until 5am. Shortly out of the city we hit a bad patch of black ice and spun around twice into the guard rail at 70+ mph then again into the ditch on the other side of the road. John climbed out and then I had to climb across the car to get out because my door was in the ground. John was kinda disoriented and looking at his car and there were all these people yelling to get away from the car and get away from the road. We weren't quite sure what was going on, but I did what they said and got John to get up the hill with me. At this point we noticed there were already 6 cars off the road on our side and one on the other side up against the guard rail and the people were telling us to get away from the car and the road because we were in danger of more cars coming off the road into us.

Within seconds a minivan went careening off the road and hit a car that was already in the ditch at over 40 mph. The car went flying (yes, in the air) about 30 feet right towards a group of people standing on the hill. I called Beth and told her we were off the road. She said she would come back for us. A few minutes later we see an SUV rolling over and over across the road and landed in the ditch upside-down. Thankfully, it wasn't Brickey, but the people were trapped inside. Some other people helped them out.

During the next few minutes we watched as more cars spun past us and fishtailed all over the place. The ambulances and fire trucks started showing up. Brickey showed with the rest of the crew. After waiting around for a lot of bullshit, finally a tow guy towed John's car out of the ditch. We were not sure if it was going to be driveable or not so we waited with him. Then the tow guy locked the keys in John's car, while it was running. He tried to get it out with a slim jim, but the windows were fogging and it was really dark out. Finally, the guy decides to tow him to a gas station near by because they will have more light.

He proceeds to take about an hour and half to get the door open. WHen he finally does he wants $98. We didn't have that though and John offered him $60US. The guys said $80US or he was gonna take it to the impound lot. After fighting with him and Brickey on the phone with his dispatcher fighting with him, Brickey got the money from the ATM and paid the bastard. He wanted $98 for helping us out of the ditch even though he then inconvienced us for 2 hours because of his mistake!

After that I rode home in Brickey's car and we followed John. There was no way I was getting back in that thing. The alignment was definitely messed up and there was a funny thumping coming from his brakes.

I made it home at 5 am and wrote an email to my boss saying that I was gonna be in late today because of all that happened. Madness. Now here I sit at work. I got here a little after 11. I think I will probably be leaving soon. I've had enough.

Monday, January 12, 2004

The F'ing Darkness tonight

Current music: Starflyer 59 - We Want it Bad

Back from another weekend. This one was another good one. Mom and Stacia came to visit on Saturday and we went out to eat at Romeo and Juliet's. I think that might be my new favorite restaurant in Buffalo. The food was excellent and it is a really cute place. After that we hopped on the subway because my mom had never been on it. We rode downtown and walked to Spot for a cup of coffee then went back and rode back out to UB.

Stacia had to go to Delia's as always so we hit up the mall. Sarah was working at Delia's and we were both idiots and didn't say hi to each other. We met up later that night at the Pink though and talked. Tim, Bob and I went to see Big Fish and that rocked. Amazing film. Tim Burton's masterpiece. I want to go see it again. We went to Becky's and Lihn's afterward and then to the old Pink. It was really weird and totally dead when I got there but got pretty rockin later in the evening.

Kris's 34 year old woman was there. She is super sketchy in my opinion. Definitely a nice body like Kris said, but she is all wrinkly and looks older than 34. Kris rocked the pool table and killed everyone except one girl he thinks he has seen on Haha...

Sunday, Tim came over then we drove to Rochester to meet Holly, Sarah, and some of their friends for some brunch at the Atomic Eggplant. It was really good and the portions are huge, but I didn't think the food was that spectacular. I prefer Xin Vego! After that we hung out at Record Archive for ages then went to the mall. It was overall a pretty fun day.

Went back to my parents house for a little and played with the dog then over to Jennie's. Sarah was there too and I haven't seen her in ages. We watched a bit of Finding Nemo then Tim and I had to drive home. It was a long drive. We left just before 9 and got to my house at 11:20. Drove 35-40 all the way. The snow was terrible. Just glad we made it alive.

Came into work really late this morning because I didn't feel good this morning. I slept like crap. I think I was a bit dehydrated. I haven't gotten a bloody nose yet though so that is sweet. I am starting to feel a little better now that I had a cup of tea and breakfast and stuff.

This morning there was a car in front of my house totally plowed in. The snow was about 4 feet high all the way around it...suckers. My driveway had been plowed earlier than the road so there was a huge snow bank at the end of the driveway, but Rose Ann (the lady upstairs from me) had blasted through it with her big ass SUV so I had a nice path through.

I gotta leave work early tonight as well because I have to be at Beth's by 5:30. Heading up to Toronto for the Darkness show! Yeah. I am pumped! Sleep? Who needs it?

Friday, January 09, 2004

Never enough bowling

Current music: Cool Hand Luke - Destroying Transduction

Last night was pretty much the same as the past few nights. I kept burning cd's trying to clean off my computer. However, at about 8:30 Craiger called and to go bowling. Of course how can I turn that down so I went. I bowled two decent games then one was a 96! The worst game I think I have had in about 10 years.

Since there were only a few of us bowling the games went fast and I was able to get home early and get to bed. I have been really tired lately.

So I got up this morning and my computer said it was 0 degrees outside. That is Farenheit! I want to do some snowboarding because KB has gotten over 3 feet this week, but it is just too damn cold. I think I will get up really early Sunday morning and hit the slopes.

I am sorta making up things to do here at work lately. Just kinda pet projects of mine because we really don't have anything else to do. I am working on an incident with one of my co-workers and we are having a really hard time reproducing it and getting a trace that has any meaningful data.

It is kinda nice when things are slow because I can just relax, but it kinda sucks too. The day goes by so slow and I constantly feel guilty for not doing anything. I guess as long as they are still paying me things are cool. In fact, I wonder if my paycheck has come through yet today...

Thursday, January 08, 2004

High on chocolate and coffee

Current music: Death Cab for Cutie - Lightness

Damn...we are really bored at work. All the incidents in our products are either waiting for more information or waiting to reproduce. I have one that I can work on, but it is really low severity. I'll probably start on it after I finish this post.

Lately my stocks (PLMD and GLW) have been doing really well! I was considering buying Gap (GPS) in December. Glad I didn't because their sales only increased by 1% and over 5% was expected. So far today I have seen their stock down over 9%! Maybe I will jump in next week after it settles a bit. Also, I am currently looking at SHFL. They have been on a steady uptrend. Maybe I will purchase some tomorrow morning. I need to do some more research on them tonight.

Last night I ran some errands even though it was freezing outside. I didn't really want to leave my house, but I wanted to get clear vinyl stuff to put over my windows. I hit up Home Depot and got some then went over to Wal-mart to get a new CD binder and photo album. I ran out of space for all burned CD's so I needed a bigger book. This one holds 206 so I should be set for a while. I put up the vinyl stuff over my windows when I got home. I didn't really know what I was doing though and it looks crappy. Anybody have experience with it and wanna give me some hints?

I need to go to the doctor today to have him sign the papers for my visa. I have to sign them in his presence then have him sign it as the witness. I was supposed to go yesterday, but forgot about it until it was too late. I also have to take the X-ray forms over to the radiologist for him to fill out. After I get that stuff done it is ready to send in! Woo hoo!

Can't wait til Monday! The Darkness in Toronto with Beth, Brickey, Frank, and Tim! I really need to remember my earplugs for this show. It is gonna be loud, I can feel it.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Make me a mix tape!

Current music: U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name

Last night was uneventful. Did some grocery shopping, started burning all the new MP3's I have onto disc to free up some space on my computer, finished watching this week's OC, tried not to freeze. 12F is not my favorite weather. I need to buy some of that plastic stuff you put over the windows. Jeff has some I think so maybe I will get it from him.

This morning I don't know what I was thinking about. I didn't bring a lunch to work (forgot yesterday too) and I left my ID badge at home (forgot yesterday too). I am not starting off the new year very well here.

Time to start working today, well after I read Slashdot. Procrastination is the rampant lately.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Warms my heart

Current music: Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Last night was rockin. The new OC episode was on CTV so I watched most of it, but I had to leave for bowling. Bet with the Blades and ETID guys. That is always a good time. They bet $5 a game per person and the winning team gets the pot. Bowled two games and my team won the first one.

I think my co-worker may have figured out that the pictures from the party are actually on my site. Not sure though. I have seen her twice this morning and she hasn't said anything about it, but she did send me a friendster message last night. I'm sure I will be hearing about it soon.

Anyways, I have work to do today...kinda.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Happy days

Current music: The Darkness - Givin' Up

When the stock market is up everyone is happy! Now...only if I had bought more in the end of December like my instincts and research told me to. It's ok...I will just wait until the next major dip (5% of Nasdaq in a week or 2% in a day). My predictions are that it will come within the next 2 weeks.

Not sure if I should have done that

Current music: Pavement - Summer Babe

Damn. The past few weeks have rocked. Not worked much and partied a lot and went to Florida. There is one thing I have missed.

Back at work now and there is not really much to do here. I guess there are a few things, but I would rather keep having fun with the crew. I totally forgot that one of my co-workers is a friendster of mine. She saw all the pics from the party and had a few questions this morning. I passed it off as if somebody else took them and I was just there. Funny stuff.

Jeff just called from Florida. He is in FYE and they have a Death Cab CD called "You Can Play These Songs With Chords + 10". Weird... He is gonna buy it I guess.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

So full it hurts

Current music: Jimmy Eat World - Ten

The party last night was totally rediculous! Strippers, Sprigg jumped off the roof, people jumped in and out of windows, the house was trashed...and the list goes on. To quote Ringer, "This is how we fuckin do it!"

Today was pretty relaxing. Just hung out around my apartment and read a book then went out for dinner with Tim, Beth, and Sarah to a really good Indian place on Transit called Kabob & Curry.

Now I am whooped. I missed the Simpsons because I was at dinner and I am overfull and tired. This is how weekends should be!

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Back in the Buffalo again

Current music: 238 - Forty Hour Increments

This has been a week of parties and it isn't stopping now. Tuesday night was a party at the Blades house with Holly and Sarah. Wednesday was a party at Parz's house with all the Sweet Dudes. Thursday the Sight went to the mall then Kris and I had some pizza delivered for free and we bought some wings. Friday I went to Rochester and hung out with Nick and Jess. Tonight is Donnie's birthday party and Sprigg's going away party. Should be a big one.

I wanted to get a lot of people together last night, but everybody punked out for one reason or another. It was still fun to just hang out with Nick again and play some pool. I really miss the whole Rochester crew.

My sister wanted to go to the mall today so we went to H&M at Greece Ridge. Pretty cool store. Jeff has been telling me to go there now for ages and I finally made it. I got a new pair of jeans and two shirts.

Number 22...number 22...number 22...Acacia Avenue!