Friday, February 27, 2004

Maybe you tried to be pretty instead of kind

Current music: Rainer Maria - Artificial Light

Last night after watching a few episodes of Twin Peaks from the second season I went over to Beth and Brickey's. We met up with Garlipp at a bowling alley in South Buffalo for some Quick Draw action. I broke even...nothing special.

Tonight is gonna be fun. I am gonna be the "Shenanigans Specialist" at the Punchline show. Brickey's new clothing line, Hero Clothing, is sponsoring the show or something and he is gonna be on stage between bands getting the kids to do stupid crap for concert tickets and t-shirts and stuff. I am not sure what the "Shenanigans Specialist" does, but should be funny.

I guess at the last show he had a "Spelling V". He got a bunch of girls up on stage and made them spell words that had to do with vaginas. He made them spell "vulva". There were parents in the audience too... How great is that? He has told me about some of the things that he plans to do tonight and it should be pretty damn good. I don't want to release any information yet though. Not sure who reads this and it's better if it shocks people at the show.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

When I come tomorrow morning, how will you explain?

Current music: Damien Jurado - Intoxicated Hands

Sent off my papers to BUNAC to get my visa after work yesterday. I bought my plane ticket as well and it turned out being about $230 cheaper than I thought it was going to be!

Kris and I rocked the pool hall for a while. He is really getting good. I played ok, but my placement needs work again.

Sarah and I went to Cozumel. Damn, such good food, so much food, and good company. She is definitely fun to hang out with.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Current music: Pantera - Walk

Last night I called up STA Travel to confirm my tickets and pay for them. I did, then I got an email from somebody there that said I couldn't get the tickets I tried for. I called back when I got the message but he wasn't there so now I am waiting for the guy to call me back. If he doesn't by lunch I am going to call him back. I need this info asap so I can send out the second part of my application.

I went to Kinko's last night while my laundry was at the laundromat. I wanted them to print the document for my visa application. The document was on a CF card so I figured that it would be easy for them to read. flash card readers. How gay is that? Then, this morning I figured I would print it on a work printer before anyone got here. It started printing, but it was taking ages and people were starting to come in. It was taking about 30 seconds per page! Finally after all 12 pages printed I snuck back to my cube. Luckily nobody saw me printing it because I really don't want them knowing yet.

Tonight Sarah and I are going out for Mexican. I love going out with her because she likes good food, and, well, she is fun.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

No you don't need invitations

Current music: Reggie and the Full Effect - Congratulations Smack & Katy

Still having trouble with my laptop's touchpad, but I should get it figured out tonight. I know what I need to do to get it working completely again, but I am having trouble compiling...

Found a pretty good price on a plane ticket last night for my trip, but I am waiting on another travel agent to call me back. The one that I found has a free date change and a free stop-over in Fiji for up to 3 months! Hell yeah. Anybody wanna come to Fiji with me?

Took care of a lot of stuff I needed to do last night, but I still have more to do. I need to finish filling out some forms, confirm and pay for my ticket, laundry. So...April 12th is the date. Yeah yeah. Called Dick last night (my landlord) and told him that I am moving out at the end of March. He seemed pretty shocked, but I'm not sure why. I told him this summer I was planning to move to NZ. Maybe he didn't really beleive me.

Ok...back to work.

Monday, February 23, 2004

I wanna know the difference between what sparkles and what is gold.

Current music: Mineral - Five, Eight, Ten

Just talked to my boss a little bit about my brake problem. He thinks it sounds like a caliper issue. He says my brakes are probably wearing unevenly and the inside pad is probably not getting worn. Either that or there is a master cylinder problem and the front brakes are not being given enough pressure so the rear brakes are doing all the work. I am going to try giving Rick a call and see if he can take a look tonight. That way I can at least have an idea what the problem might be and can talk more intelligently at the dealership.
Current music: Air - Venus

Here I am back from another weekend. A damn good relaxing weekend at that. Stacia came up Friday night and Beth met us for dinner. We went to a new restaurant called the Circle. It was so good. I am very impressed and I will keep that in my head for the next time I am looking for a really good meal. We pretty much just hung out at my house after that. I was going to go out to the Pink or something, but we never made it. Stacia was falling asleep at about 10...

Saturday Stacia and I made eggs for breakfast then went to the mall and Salvation Army. I got a sweet shirt and sport coat at Salvation Army. Damn that seems like a really long time ago. Stacia left and went to a basketball game at NU and I stayed home to work on my mom's computer. After I got the computers done Jeff called to go out to dinner. I had already spent a lot of money this week on food so I didn't really want to eat out. Besides, I had just made macaroni. I went though. How can I pass up Thai? I just got a bowl of soup. Stacia came back from the game while I was out with Jeff and I had left my phone there so she could call us. It was really snowy out and she wasn't sure if she wanted to drive home or not, but she decided she would. After I got home I was going to go out to Mohawk for the Smiths vs. the Cure dance party that Bill Page was hosting, but I deciced to forget it. I wanted to stay in. Besides my brakes are messed up again... the less driving the better until they are fixed.

Sunday morning I got up early. I had been sleeping so early that I totally wasn't tired. I made some breakfast and then played on my laptop. <geek> I had been running a 2.6.0 kernel on my laptop and everything was fine for the most part. The only problems I was having was with USB devices. My USB mouse wasn't working and I want that to work so I don't always have to use the trackpad if I am at home or something. That wasn't so much a problem with the kernel version so much as I hadn't compiled the Logitech driver when I made the kernel. The other problem was that any time I plugged in a USB device my X server would get all freaked out and I would have to restart X to do anything. I figured that since 2.6.3 is out now I might as well upgrade to that. I downloaded it and compiled it and got everything working again except one thing. So now, my USB mouse work, X doesn't bug out, but tap-to-click on my mousepad seems broken. I messed with it for a few hours and didn't get it working. </geek> Jeff called at to go snowbarding at about 1, so I took him up on that. He rocked the slopes at KB. One of the straps on my back binding is cracking though. I need a new strap, but I am not sure where I can get one. I am going to try to super glue it for now. I need to get a new one before I head off to NZ though. I received my official acceptance letter into the BUNAC program on Friday. I have to get everything all squared away now. I need to get it all done and sent out this week, so time to get in my ass in gear.

When Jeff and I were leving KB Kris called to shoot some stick. So Jeff and I went home and changed and went out to eat at Mighty with Beth. Kris met up with us and we went to House of Billiards. I played so bad. After that I went home and totally crashed. Kris bought a new cue. It is pretty damn nice. I didn't take any shots with it though. I will have to try it out sometime.

I have a growing list of crap to do this week. I hate when things are like this. I like it when I don't have anything to do and I can just have fun. I am definitely gonna need to play some pool and relax...

Friday, February 20, 2004

Let's disappear we'll take a trip of no return to outer space

Current music: Jimmy Eat World - Episode IV

I have found the coolest Billiards game for my computer. FooBillard. Everybody needs this immediately.

Anyway, Stacia is coming to visit tonight. That should be fun. I need to get my brakes fixed again because the rear pads are nearly gone. I hate my brakes.

Went out for dinner last night with Sarah to Kabab & Curry. I love the food there and Sarah is so sweet. I've gotta hang out with her more before she moves!

I am in such a coding mood today. I guess I will get started on that and see how much I can accomplish. By the way... I am looking for an open source project to join or start. Anybody have any ideas?

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Rockin' the Pool Halls

Current music: The Gloria Record - Grace the Snow is Here

Kris came over last night and we went up to House of Billiards. I rocked the place. I played damn well. Only lost one game all night. I am getting back in good shape.

Indian tonight. Can't wait. I am gonna eat a small lunch so I am starving by the time dinner comes around.

I have been a complete mess lately. Today I left my phone and my wallet at home. I don't think I have ever done that before.

Jeff and I were talking about going up to Plattsburgh again next weekend to go ride at Stowe. I don't think I am going to. I need to go into super money saving mode to prepare for my move. Although I still need to get my Neuros.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Good party

Current music: Jets to Brazil - Chinatown

Just got back to my desk from the party. Good times. Pizza, cake, skittles. Yeah. There were a bunch of balloons, so we got a stress cow and tied them on and made it float around the lunch room. Our CEO got a kick out of it. Celerity has officially been released so now we are aloud to talk about it. I think it is a quad channel Fibre Channel host bus adapter. Although, I never worked on it, so I am not entirely sure.

I think I might go shoot some stick tonight with Nash. I told him I would be there sometime this week to play with him. I should go on my way home from work.

It's official

Current music: Rainer Maria - Thought I Was

Just mailed out my BUNAC application with money and a departure date. My departure date is April 12th.

Things to do list:
- Call my landlord and tell him I am moving out at the end of March.
- Tell my work on March 26th that I am leaving
- Buy a plane ticket
- Find a place to stay in NZ for a few weeks when I first get there

Woohoo! I am getting excited. Got some emails from some kiwis this morning. Hannah might pick me up at the airport. I love her.

I am ready for nice weather. I am ready to see beauty. I am ready to leave Buffalo. I am ready...

I want to see mountains again, Gandalf... MOUNTAINS!

Damn...weird day

Current music: Danger Mouse - December 4th

Our company's graphic designer just came by with an invitation to a party this afternoon. I guess we are having a product launch today. Our Celerity Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter is being released. Last time we had one of these parties it was weird. I hope this one is better.

I got it...yeah

Current music: Danger Mouse - The Grey Album

A few days ago Slashdot had an article about a Danger Mouse album called "The Grey Album" that is a combination of the Beatles' White Album and Jay-Z's Black Album. It has the White Album's music with the Black Album's lyrics. I searched around a bit on the web and found one place to get it, but that tracker was being attacked by EMI. I skipped it and decided I would see it up again soon. Last night I found it, downloaded it, burned it. Today and I listening to it. Cool stuff!

Last night I pretty much did nothing. Getting my machine ready to sell to Zubz. Started making a mix CD for Sarah. She is making me one too, so I am excited for it.

I must not have set my alarm last night. This morning I woke up at 7:30, so no shower. I just made breakfast and a lunch and took off... Of course I left my lunch on the counter. Oh well. I have to go to the bank and the post office during lunch today anyway, so I guess I will have to stop at Banchetti's.

Time for a meeting.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Buffalo makes me depressed

Current music: Far - Really Here

I feel like my life has been passionless lately. I am a pretty passionate person I think. I have nothing to be passionate about here. Things that I normally am just don't apply in Buffalo. Hiking...yeah right. Snowboarding...yeah right. Anything outdoors...yeah right. My job becomes more and more dull every day. There is not much work to do. It comes in short spurts. Girls in this city suck. There are two types (no I am not going to quote Stickmen here), the cute ones who are really lame and have no personality and love choch balls and the really cool ones who are not very cute. Of course there are exceptions...they have boyfriends already. I have given up. By the way, if you are a girl in Buffalo and you are reading this and think you are not lame and you don't have a boyfriend...I must think you are not attractive. Don't think you are an exception...they don't exist and I am that mean...

So I can't wait to get the hell out of here. Luckily I have a few things to keep me sane until I leave. My friends here are pretty damn awesome. Monday Night "bet n bowl" rocks some serious ass. The restaurants are good. Ok, I can't think of anything else...

So I definitely don't like HIM

I decided to get a HIM CD a few days ago after I kept seeing the band name all over and people said they liked them. Now that I am listening to "Razorblade Romance" I really don't understand why people like them. Other than the Isaak Chris cover of "Wicked Game", this band sucks. They are like a combination of Incubus and the Crash Test Dummies. Don't get me wrong here. I love Incubus, but the Crash Test Dummies? Come on...

HIM = not good (from what I have heard)

"I like your pinpoint accuracy."

Current music: Ryan Adams - Love is Hell

Tim called me up to come over and watch "The Littlest Groom" and "The OC" last night. Damn. They were both so good. Everybody needs to watch "The Littlest Groom". It is like "The Bachelor", except with midgets. Excellent OC episode. I love the drama since it's not in my life. I can just watch it from a far.

After "The OC" I went bowling with the guys. Yeah, I lost both games. Oh well...

I'm waiting for Bryan to get back to me with his fax number. I need to fax him a form for my BUNAC visa application.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Stereo hurts cause it's up too loud.

Current music: The Promise Ring - Size of Your Life

Back at work. Quite a weekend. Friday my aunt had dinner for my cousin's birthday, so I went there. Then we watched some Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD. It was pretty funny. Afterwards I went to some party on Forest that really sucked. I stayed until Kris, Jeff, and Jimmy showed and we left for the Pink. Kris, Jeff, and I rocked the pool table as usual. Garrlip was there with the sweetest jacket. He listened to zombie music most of the night. Zombie music totally belongs at the Pink.

Saturday was pretty slow day for me. I wanted to do something, but ended up sleeping a lot. I got up at noon and went to my dad's softball clinic at Clarence Middle School then we out to Mighty Taco with the girls. I went home and took a nap from 3 til 8 then ate more Mighty Taco that I had brought home. I hung around home for a little while then Jeff and Beth came over and we went to Kris and Tim's. Rocked there for a while, then went to Mighty (too much Mighty already so I skipped it) then to the Pink. Played some pool all night with Beth, Jeff, and Kris. I love it that we totally monopolize the pool table any time we go there. Tim was rediculous. Good stories from him...

Sunday I got up pretty early and basically did nothing. Eventually Jeff came over and we decided to make spaghetti and meatballs. We did some food shopping then started it up. We made some homemade sauce, vegan meatballs, turkey meatballs, and two fires. Yes, we started two fires making the vegan meatballs. They came out really good though. If anybody wants the recipe let me know. Tim came over when we were pretty much done making everything and we all ate and were merry. Good Simpsons last night.

So I found out more about my visa situation. I need to have my boss sign some stuff. I guess it is time to tell them I am leaving. First though, I need to get a date. I think it is going to be April 12th or thereabouts. My mom's birthday is April 20th though. I want to make sure with her that she isn't going to be offended if I leave just before her birthday. I was trying to call all day yesterday, but either they were not home or the line was busy. I'll have to try again tonight.

Friday, February 13, 2004

By the way... the new Courtney Love album rocks. I give it 7 out of 10! If you at all like her really old stuff, give this a listen.

Loving Beck

Current music: Air - The Vagabond

Damn. I am ready to go home for the weekend. First I have to meet with my bos shortly about a merge I think I will have to do of a major branch of our code base. Fun times.

I think I am going to go to the show at Mohawk (?) tonight. Patrick's brother's bad is playing I guess and Jennie is coming for it.

I ate broccoli at lunch today and now my burps are really gross. They taste like a garbage truck smells. That probably means my breath is pretty bad too. I'm gonna go brush my teeth.

Oh the soreness.

Current music: AFI - This Celluloid Dream

I got my ass kicked by the rock climbing wall last night. Ugh. I have rope burns, my entire upper body is sore. This is good times. Went out to dinner after climbing with Jeff, Jen, and Jen's little sister Steph to Tully's. greasy. I told a story I shouldn't have told. I think I crossed the line and offended Jen and I feel bad. Oh well. I am over it.

So here I am at work. Thank God it is Friday. Too bad this isn't a pay week, but it's cool. Hmmm...this CD is almost over. I never listen to the whole last song on this AFI album because it gets too long and boring. I might just throw in Air's Premiers Symptomes. I am so glad that Air released a new album and got me reinterested in my old albums.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Current music: Denison Witmer - 24 Turned 25

This song suits my life pretty well right now except the age is 22 not 25...

"I see you two times a month at the bar or around town. We have lots of common friends, but we don't talk too much of them."
Current music: Muddy Waters - You Need Love

Went over to Leah's last night and drank coffee. I thought it would keep me up all night, but I made it to bed at midnight. It was good coffee though. Anyways, a bunch of people were there and we watched really bad reality shows like the Bachelorette.

I think I am going out with Hopper tonight instead of last night. I guess he was too tired last night. We are gonna do some indoor rock climbing I think. Sounds like a good time to me.

Back to work I go. Well, I think I will procrastinate a little more and call Jeff.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

How much do you love rock n roll?

Current music: Scorpions - Lovedrive

Tomorrow is Pizza Thursday and I am pumped for the chicken finger pizza. Yeah, that's right. I will never stop eating dead animals.

Got in touch with Hopper last night. We are gonna do some dinner tonight someplace in the city I think then rock some pool halls like the old days. Hulsey needs to come back and rock them with us. Either that or I need to move out to Vail. I guess moving there would be preferential. Anybody else wanna shoot some stick?

I never really listened to Muddy Waters much before, but I have been getting really into him lately. Been listening to him here and there all week. Anyways, back to work. I have enough of it to do for a while.

Heating up the pool table

Current music: Thelonious Monk & Gerry Mulligan - Decidedly (Take 4)

Last night was average as hell. Hit up the pool hall and played for a while. Mostly just practiced cue ball placement. I am getting a bit better and where I expect it to go with different types of english, but my shots often suffer in accuracy. Needs some work.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Losing money

Current music: Wilco - Woodgrain

Here I sit $20 poorer today because I lost at Quick Draw at the bowling alley. Good times.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Current music: Queens of the Stone Age - Avon

Intel is definitely a member of the dark side.

Once again...working

Current music: Sting - Fields of Gold

Fun weekend. Stacia came up Friday and we went out to Fuddrucker's for Frank's birthday with Beth, Brickey, Garrlip, and Tank. Some really scary looking people that I think might have been in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre stared us down really bad. Went to Evolution for 2 minutes after that. Stacia wasn't feeling well and I didn't like the place, so we went home for a while then out to the Pink. Kris and I kicked some ass on the pool table.

Saturday I installed OSX 10.3 on Stacia's iBook and we went to the NU basketball game to visit some people. I went to sleep so early after Stacia went home.

Sunday I pretty much did nothing except some shopping at Wegman's and ate dinner at Thai Bistro with a few people. I needed a day to just do nothing. Been moving too fast lately.

Now I am back at work for the week and rockin' out to Sting. Good times eh.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Who's the sucker now?

Current music: The Damned - Edward the Bear

Last night I took a pretty sweet nap, then went out to play some pool with Nash. Nash wasn't there when I got there so I played alone for about a half hour and one of the kids who is always there approached me to play some 9-ball. He wanted to play for $10 though. Now, I am not all that competent a 9-ball player to begin with. Then to put money on it is just a bit too much for me. Besides, I don't even know this kid and I have never played with him before. I told him I was gonna leave soon, so maybe next time I am in we can just play a friendly game. When Nash showed up it was too busy in there for him to get away from the counter so I just practiced and talked to him a little. time.

Stacia is coming here today. The roads might be pretty crappy though. I hope she makes it alright.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

You wanted the best? You got the best!

Current music: Kiss - Two Timer

I am just rip-roaring through code lately. Got my next feature working here. Anyways...last night played some pool with Kris. He totally rocked me, 6 games to 4. It's ok...I am starting to get back on my game and I am gonna come back with a vengence.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Current music: Death Cab for Cutie - This Charming Man

I have been working on this problem lately with two libraries in our code base. I am trying to communicate between the libraries. I know this is very poor style, but I am forced to do it because of how our code is layed out. I have been battling the fact that it kept crashing when the HwCfg library accessed an entry in a table in the UsNet lib. I had no idea what the problem was though.

This morning I spent the morning getting the debugger working. It always works, but I was not able to get symbols in the HwCfg lib. I really didn't want to dig through thousands of ARM 80200 assembly instructions to find the one failing then try to match that up with the line in the C code, so I had to dig into the makefile pretty deep and figure out how to get symbols turned on for the lib. I eventually got it working at about 10:30 and it took me about two hours from there to figure out that I need accessors to modify the data in the UsNet lib. Now it is working fine. I am not sure what the difference is, but oh well... Only took me about a week to get that sorted. On to the next little bastard.

By the way...this is why I prefer C to Java or other languages. I can really dig into the internals, drop to assembly if I need to, and I don't have to worry about bugs in the virtual machine or crap like that...
Current music: Cranberries - Dream

Damn. I forget sometimes how good some of my old CD's are.

So hard to get outta bed sometimes

Current music: Atmosphere - Reflections

Yesterday on my way home from work I stopped off at the auto store and got a replacement headlight and installed it. It has been out for over 2 weeks, but it has been too damn cold to fix it. Next I need to get an oil change. I have a coupon for some place at home, so I will have to make an appointment tonight.

After that I went home and cleaned my apartment. It needed it. After not being there the past two weekends it somehow gets to be a mess. Didn't really do anything else last night. I need to get on top of my visa situation. I have been slacking.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Icebergs two days in a row

Current music: Spacehog - In the Meantime

A guy I work with, Jim, quit and today is his last day. We took him out for lunch today to a nice banquet hall. The food was so good. Back now and getting sleepy from so much food even though I had a cup of coffee there and a cup of tea when I got back here. Must stay awak through the meeting I have at 3...
Current music: Air - All I Need

There is a really fat lady that I work with and she is wearing the most wrinkled pants possible. Maybe she can't see that her pants are wrinkled because her gut is too big.

My back is turned.

Current music: Sunny Day Real Estate - Song About an Angel

Jeff rang after work and wanted me to come over for pizza and "Monday Night Foosball". I had to do some laundry and get my car washed. Took care of that and it up the foosball. Pretty, wings, foosball. After foosball there was some viewing of "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance" and that show is damn hilarious. Never did make it to bowling though. I wanted to, but I was tired and I was all the way out at Jeff's. Didn't really want to drive all the way to bowling. There is always next Monday. By then the OC should be back on as well!

Monday, February 02, 2004

Too much driving. Not enough skiing.

Current music: Air - Cherry Blossom Girl

Jeff and I left on Friday at about 5pm. It was snowing on the Thruway until we got to Leroy. We didn't hit any more snow until we got to the mountains and we were going about 30 for a long time then. It took us over 7 hours to get to Plattsburgh when it should take less than 6. It totally sucked. Jeff and I had a dance party in the car with TLC to Waterfall.

When we got in we pretty much just went to bed. In the morning we got up at 5:30 and headed to the mountain at 6:30. When we got there it was -6 and 60 mph winds. Stowe had all their lifts closed except one and it was the triple. We bought ticket and took two runs. After that we were done. The riding sucked. The winds were just too strong. The wind chill was -42...brutal. We ended up just getting a refund and we headed into Burlington for the day.

The Burton factory was fun. We tried on clothes. Jeff bought a pretty awesome pink hat and Mike got a light yellow one. The girl there told us we had to eat at this new burrito place that was better than Paradise, so we did. It was New World and it was good. The burritos were damn big. Did a little more shopping at B-side and then got ice cream at Ben & Jerry's.

Took off and went back to Plattsburgh. Hung out at Mike's for a while then at James'. Hit up Number One for dinner with Jeff and Mike, then Jeff and I went to dinner again at Iris's with Shaun, Stacy, and Mario. Of course Mario yelled the whole time. I love it. Afterwards we went to a foam party and to some sumo wrestling competition. I wrestled Mike and he kicked my ass.

Sunday morning Jeff and I met Lori, Shaun, and Mario out for breakfast at a pretty cool diner that I had never been to before then went over to Tracie's. The boys had gotten a pool table from Santa, so Jeff and I played a little pool with then. Yeah...Danny and I won both games.

Jeff and I drove home, only took about 6 hours and we went to his parents house for a little Super Bowl party action.

That was my weekend.