Wednesday, March 31, 2004

these are the best friends anyone could ask for

Current music: Murder City Devils - Press Gang

Yesterday afternoon I found out that Leah might not be able to pick up my couch because she had no van. However, she ended up getting Crystal's parents' van and came and got everything. It is good to get rid of that stuff so that my landlord won't flip out today! Jeff, Beth, and I went to the Golden Duck for some mean Chinese. I have some left over that I am about to eat for lunch.

I went over to Holly's after Leah got everything. We watched a movie and played with the cat. She made me another mix cd. I think this one is even better than the last. Listening to it now...

I have so much to do today... I have to go to the post office to get my mail forwarded. Take some clothes to Salvation Army. Go through my apartment with my landlord and sign some papers with him. Go to dinner.

Tonight a bunch of people are taking me out for a farewell dinner. Pretty awesome.

Monday, March 29, 2004

2 weeks of work to do

Ok, so moving sucks. Friday I went to the ETID show at Continental with Beth. It was a pretty good show, but way oversold. I went home and finished up the packing.

Saturday morning I packed a bit more and then when my parents arrived at 9 we went and picked up the U-haul. Packed up the U-haul and got some food at Manhattan Bagel then drove to Rochester. I spent the rest of the day unpacking the truck and packing everything away into the crawl space. Lemme tell ya...sucked. My mom made and awesome swordfish dinner though. Yeah... Went out to the Otter Lodge with my parents then drove back to Buffalo.

Sunday I got up and packed the rest of my stuff to take to Jeff's condo. Got some food at Mighty Taco because I have none left in my house. Drove everything to Jeff's. Organized it a little then Beth came and we went to Best Buy. Jeff wanted a DVD burner. When we left there we had to go out to my aunt's house for dinner. She was having a going away party for me/birthday party for Beth.

Now here I am at work with less than 2 weeks to go. Yea! The weather is awesome today so I just went for a walk after lunch with a few people. I brought my laptop to work today because I wanted to install some software and see if I could get my wireless card working on the network here. Um, nope. I have no wireless reception in my cube. Is that gay or what? You would think that since our whole building is supposed to have a wireless network that my cube would be part of that...

Back to fixing some bugs.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Full of thai food and loving it

Current music: MxPx - Teenage Politics

Just got back to work about 15 minutes ago from Jasmine's. Best Thai food in Buffalo now that the King and I closed. They are reopening in a few weeks though (right after I move) just a few blocks down from where they were before!

So I have told a handful of people at work that I am leaving. They are all very encouraging, saying that they wish me luck and everything. It looks like I am not going to get a leave, but I will likely be rehired as long as the company is doing well when I come back. That would be really cool.

I guess Ring is holding me a ticket to the ETID show tonight. That is gonna be cool. I don't like Continental, but I do like hardcore shows. :) I will have to leave right after the show though so that I can keep packing. I need to be totally ready tomorrow morning. Still need to figure out what to do with my couch and chair... Anybody interested?

The obligitory blogging after giving two weeks notice

Current music: My heart pounding out of my chest

Ok, so I got in to work this morning and printed out my letter of resignation. My boss came in a few minutes later and I decided that I should not wait any longer. I went to his office and closed the door and said, "I am moving to New Zealand in 2 weeks." He was pretty shocked. The look on his face was priceless. All he could say was, "Whoa! I mean, whoa! Is this permanent?"

We talked for a little bit about why I am leaving and I told him it has nothing to do with the company. I asked for a leave of abcense. We'll see what happens. He did say that he would hire me back no problem as long as the company is hiring and not still sputtering along like we are now.

So that is the news. Good times. Now I can drink my tea and relax.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

One more day before the news...

Current music: The Rapture - Sister Saviour

So, tomorrow I tell work that I am leaving. It is gonna be pretty uncomfortable, but I am ready for it.

Last night I spent most of the night packing then Tim and I went to see "Dawn of the Dead". Pretty good. I was pretty scared in the beginning, but then things evened out and the rest of the movie was more funny than scary. Overall, I definitely enjoyed it.

Tonight is Quick Draw night, but I have to pack. I figure I will do a little action, but then get right home to continue the packing efforts.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

still full of Mexican

Current music: Mike Knott - Jan the Weatherman

Jennie came to visit last night. She got to my house just after I got home from work. That was fun. We went out to dinner at Camelo's (a new Mexican place) with Kris. It is "authentic" Mexican. It was very good and pretty inexpensive. Afterwards we went hunting for cap guns. Never made it to the bubble tea, but that is ok.

For some reason I am rediculously tired today. Meeting with financial advisor this afternoon...

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Current music: the quiet hum of the fridge

Jennie just left. Sucks. Anyway, time to watch the rest of the OC episode. I missed the last 20 minutes last night for bowling. Got it off BitTorrent today...must watch now!

my Neuros loves Zao

Current music: The Cure - Like Cockatoos

So I decided at about 8:30 this morning that I want to see how long my battery lasts in my Neuros. I turned it on then and started playing it on random since. Right now it shows that the battery is full, but I have seen it go down a bar now and then when it is trying to spin up the harddrive. Overall though...doing pretty well so far. 5 hours. Most of it has been with headphones, but I drove to work using MyFi (broadcasting on FM uses more batteries supposedly) and then I just went to the Post Office. So total, I have used MyFi for about 30 minutes. We are up to 5 hours with 30 mins of MyFi...

I had to hit up the Post Office because I don't have any more stamps and I certainly don't want to buy more because I am leaving... I also had to mail two applications to NZ and those need special postage.

winning money is good

Current music: Smashing Pumpkins - Lily

I had a pretty sweet day yesterday. I found out that Jennie is going to come visit tonight. I got my binding fixed for free. I won money at bowling. Ah yes...

After work I headed out to Lockport to pick up my binding. I called 2-4-5 in the afternoon and said that I had been waiting for nearly a month for this piece and it was getting rediculous. The guy said they had received the part the day before, but it was the wrong one. He apologized and said that I could come out and they would take something out of stock that would not be the same color, and they would order a replacement for themselves. So, I went out there and the guy was like, "Here ya go, you're all set." I was pumped. I thanked him and headed out the door before he could change his mind.

After going home and making some mods to my resume and watching the OC, I went bowling. I didn't really want to bet because I can't afford to lose any money right now, but I did anyway. I bet two games and we won the first one. I bowled like crap most of the second game... I walked out of that joint $5 richer than I walked in and I bowled 2 games, rented shoes, and had a damn good time.

Monday, March 22, 2004


Current music: Death Cab for Cutie - Tiny Vessels

Anybody have any Orkut invitations they wanna send me? You can send it to my account I use for stuff like this when I don't want to give out my real email...spam avoidance!

Thanks! I am forever in debt...

Here we go again...another week at work

Current music: Twothirtyeight - Sad Semester

So, this is the week that I am going to tell my work that I am leaving. I will tell them either Thursday or Friday... Probably Friday.

This weekend I packed up a lot of stuff on Friday and took it to my parents house. Had some dinner and coffee with my dad then came back to Buffalo. I kept packing long into the night.

Saturday I spent most of the day packing again. In the evening I went over to Kris and Tim's. Tim made vegan pizza, Beth and Baxter came over too. Oh yeah, there was some random girl named Laura there who wanted to suck on my finger. She was a weird one. She likes to scream, "Oh, you're making love to me!" We hung out all night. We had cap gun wars and photo shoots. Pretty awesome night if you ask me.

Sunday I spent the entire day packing. I never even left my house. The farthest I got was the garbage cans outside when my inside one filled up.

Now I am at work sync'ing my Neuros. About to start some coding after I read some documents.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Last night was my favorite in a long time

Oh, you're making love to me!

Baxter loves to cuddle.

The cap gun wars rocked me. Ow!

Saturday, March 20, 2004


People's facial expressions... priceless. I'm sorry I wasn't there to see it.

Friday, March 19, 2004

I love people :)

Current music: WBER 90.5 FM

Check out this convo I had tonight... People like this are so damn funny... (names have been changed to protect the innocent)

(21:55:46) Mod-Lame: "Jessica Parker" and i were in rochester for the day today
(21:55:46) Lenny <AUTO-REPLY>: Off to Rochester, be back around 9.
(22:42:19) Lenny: congrats
(22:42:20) Mod-Lame <AUTO-REPLY>: psst. sleep over party! bam
(00:54:58) Mod-Lame: yueah way to be a dick
(00:55:10) Lenny: huh?
(00:55:15) Mod-Lame: early
(00:55:18) Mod-Lame: you were like congrats
(00:55:21) Mod-Lame: i dont need that crap
(00:55:31) Lenny: ok...???
(00:55:46) Lenny: what did you want me to say? why are you so confrontational?
(00:55:54) Mod-Lame: i'm notr
(00:56:00) Mod-Lame: just dont be an asshole to me
(00:56:01) Mod-Lame: and i wont be
(00:56:05) Lenny: I wasn't at all
(00:56:09) Mod-Lame: i mean i know "Tyler Durden" tells you stories
(00:56:12) Mod-Lame: right
(00:56:41) Lenny: I'm always sarcastic with everyone
(00:56:50) Mod-Lame: thats great.
(00:56:52) Lenny: I wasn't being mean
(00:57:03) Mod-Lame: okay then
(00:57:26) Lenny: "Tyler Durden" does tell me stories and I always took them with a grain of salt, I thought he was exaggerating
(00:57:33) Lenny: then I thought your sister was too...
(00:57:38) Mod-Lame: cuz he is.
(00:57:43) Mod-Lame: "Mary"?
(00:57:48) Lenny: I guess not, you are an over-reactionary bitch
(00:58:27) Mod-Lame: "Mary"?
(00:58:51) Lenny: what difference does it make?
(00:59:08) Mod-Lame: because i almost fought the selfish person named "Mary" wednesday
(00:59:11) Mod-Lame: so believe what you want
(00:59:12) Mod-Lame: i dont care.
(00:59:18) Mod-Lame: i dont need to explain anything to you
(00:59:34) Lenny: I didn't ask you to and I don't expect you to
(00:59:37) Mod-Lame <AUTO-REPLY>: bitter people rock my face. the rest of you go to hell.

Hehe. Anyway, Anthony is not coming up this weekend. Sucks! I am bummed, but hopefully I will still get to see him sometime before I leave. Trying to get the Neuros all sync'd up and ready to go! This one that I got works. I still cannot sync the 128MB flash part with my Debian box, but I can sync the 20GB hd. Time to hit the forums again...

Better servers are good

Current music: Damien Jurado - Intoxicated Hands

Last night was some serious QuickDraw action at Danny's. Kris came too, and Ben is becoming a regular. Ben is gonna give me some phone numbers of his friends in Auckland that I can ring when I get over there. That will be cool.

My Neuros should be coming today. I am pumped for it to actually work. I think there is a problem between my USB chipset and the Neuros though. I read that someone that had a similar problem used a KNOPPIX Live CD to boot from and the drivers there worked. That seems weird though because they should be the same and set up the same as my Libranet stuff...all Debian right?

Anthony is coming to visit this weekend too. That will definitely be fun. I haven't seen that dude in ages and I love hanging with him.

Tonight after work I am packing my car full of stuff again and driving it all to Rochester to drop off at my rents. I haven't started packing that stuff yet, but it should be easy. Just throw crap in boxes and go...

I am going to write some scripts so that image files I upload to this blog get resized and everything. I will see what I like better...this or the buzznet account I have. Buzznet is pretty damn cool though since it does everything for you, but it sucks too because it makes the images so small and poor quality...

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Here is a test

I just want to see if I can post to my real server.

We are moving!

Ok, I probably get another URL for this, but for now...

The Atom Syndication feed is also moving...

I hope to be able to do more with this now...

Update:The Atom syndication using the redirection URL does not work. Please use that long hard to remember thing. Should be a big deal though, just throw it in your RSS reader and you are set to roll, blogroll that is.

Didn't get moved completely

Current music: Fans whirring all around me

So, I tried to move this blog last night, but for whatever reason it wouldn't transfer. I will try again when I have some time. I also tried install a Movable Type software, but it was more of a pain that worth it. For now I am sticking with the stuff...

Last night I went out to Kosta's with Tim. Unfortunately our waitress was not the really cute one we had before, but some really fat chick. The food was still good though.

This morning my heart feels weird. Every little bit or so there is this dull aching. I think I have been too lazy lately and it is trying to tell me something. "Nothing serious I hope... Yeah, I've heard you've got your fingers in a few pies." (Yes, that is a Stickmen reference)

Tonight is Quick Draw. Ah yes...

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Working on getting everything set up

Current music: WBER 90.5 - Indie Show

I am trying to get all my stuff set up for when I leave. Trying to get a blog system running on my webserver, but it sucks...

What a day already...

I got home from work last night. It only took me 30 minutes in the snow (usually takes 10). I had received a shipping label to ship the Neuros back. They think the harddrive is fine and the rest of the unit has the problem. I beg to differ. Anyways, I am going to leave work in about a half hour to ship it back.

I stayed in all night because the weather sucked. This morning there was well over a foot of snow surrounding my car. I managed to get it out without shoveling though.

I stopped half way to work because I had a ton of snow in my wheels and it was throwing off my balance. I cleaned that out and got a cup of deep black joe. When I got to work I realized that I had either lost my badge someplace in the snow or I left it at home. I hope I left it at home... Once I got inside I was going to drink my coffee and realized that I left it in the car. Damn! Double damn! It's ok I guess. I am drinking some tea right now and I will get my coffee when I take the Neuros to ship it and just heat the coffee in the microwave.

I have nothing to do today. Pretty much sucks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Thought I had something to do...

Current music: Iggy Pop - I Wanna Be Your Dog

So yesterday my boss gave me something to do. It was pretty sweet. It was the first major project I had been given since this summer. I have had some big ones in between, but I had created all of those and they had not been given to me. So you can imagine how much it sucks that this morning I find out we are not going to be doing it. The problem is that we were going to be using some memory on a real-time clock chip on the board to store some information. I was going to have to write some I2C stuff to talk to the chip. However, this chip does not have NVRAM or EEPROM like we thought it did. After talking to the hardware guys I found out that it is just battery-backed SRAM. That is not gonna cut it. Project scrapped.

Now I am back to inventing my own things to work on.

In other news, I bought the new Rainer Maria CD/DVD set this weekend. Mario and I watched the DVD on Saturday evening and it was really good. The CD is good too, but the sound quality on some of the songs is kinda lacking. I guess that is what you get from live stuff.

When I say, "Heart," nothing comes to mind.

Current music: Rainer Maria - Tinfoil

I had the fair or feelure last night and went to Jasmine's with Lori. Jasmine made me happy once again. Went home and watched some Stickmen. All in all, a very good night.

This morning I brought my Neuros to work to sync it, but I forgot the USB cable. Damn!

Tea time!

Monday, March 15, 2004

Back from the three day weekend I created for myself

Where to start...???

Thursday evening I went out with the normal Quick Draw crew. It was Garlipp's birthday so a bunch of the ETID and Snapcase guys came too along with Matt and Molly. It was a big Quick Draw crowd. Afterwards we went down to Brickey's office and hung out. Brickey, Garlipp and I decided that we were going to play Quick Draw all day on Friday. I got home at about 2 am and wrote my boss an email saying that I was taking a personal day.

In the morning I headed over to Tops which was our Quick Draw hang out. We played from 10am until 3pm, every game! Sucks though because I lost money overall. The damage really wasn't bad though. After that I went home and stayed there until Mario showed up. Kris came over and when Mario got there we hit up Duff's for some wings. Garlipp and a bunch of dudes were going to a "singles mixer" at Samuel's Grand Manor that was all like 45+ singles. We thought we would go too, but then we learned it was $17/person. We went out there and tried to get in the back door, but failed. Damn, if Blair had been with us it would have worked. Spent the rest of the night at Kris and Tim's just chillin around.

Saturday Mario and I needed something to do. We were going to go up to the Niagara Gorge and do some hiking, but we decided he would get too muddy and he didn't have a change of clothes. We took the subway down into the city and walked down Delavan to Elmwood. Visited Matt at a coffee shop, went to Home of the Hits, then just started walking. Before we knew it we were at Lexington Ave so we got some cookies at the co-op. From there we kept walking farther downtown. Eventually we were in the theatre district... we walked all the way from Buff State to the theatre district! While just walking we ran into this girl Jen that Mario knows somehow, and her brother. We went over to Spot with them and had more coffee. Afterwards Mario and I took the subway back out to UB and went to Mighty Taco for some dinner. We went home for a few hours. Sarah was going out for her birthday to Frizzy's so Mario and I met them there, but I hate that place and some lame girl there said, "Why are you all up in my grill?" to me. So we left and went to the Pink. Mario and I rocked the pool table and won three straight games. I would have hated to see what Kris and I would have done to these people. After the pool fiasco we chilled with Jimmy Nicotine and some other lurkers at the Pink for a while then went home.

We didn't wake up until 1pm on Sunday. We went out to Timmy Ho's for lunch then Mario took off. I stayed in the rest of the day, besides grocery shopping. I was done. Mario wears me out.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Forgot about this...

Current music: Beck - Lost Cause

One of my co-workers has a bunch of the Gateway Stress Cows. We normally use them as ammunition to launch over the cube walls. It provides good entertainment since we have very limited internet access now.

Yesterday we were having an all out stress cow war most of the day. Just before I was leaving I took a cow and stood on my chair and fired it into my boss' office at one of my other co-workers. I accidently hit him square in the nuts. My boss says that made it into his list of the top 5 moments at this company. Good times...

One day to Mario

Current music: Mew - Snow Brigade

I just can't get enough of this song...

Be warned... this will be a geeky post.

Yesterday I read about the NDIS wrapper project. I think I have seen stuff on it before but never looked into it. It turns out that it supports my wireless card so that I can install the ADMtek drivers for Windows on my Linux box. Now I wouldn't even need them if ADMtek would just put out a version that worked with the 2.6 kernel, but they won't. So when I got home from work I tried it out and it seemed to be working, but since I don't have an access point I needed one to see if it really worked. I went over to Kris's and within about 5 minutes I had it up and running. Damn, I love wireless!

Ok, that is the end of the geek-ness for now.

After work, before I went home to play with that stuff I stopped by Delta Sonic to get my car washed and I figured I would get the carpets shampoo'd as well. So I went through the car wash then over to the cleaning place and the didn't just clean the carpets like I asked...they washed all my windows inside and out, Vacuumed everything. Cleaned the dash, polished the wheels. They did everything short of shampoo'ing the seats. It was incredible. I only paid $18. I really needed those carpets cleaned...too much salt.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I'm tryin

Current music: Pavement - Conduit for Sale!

So last night I finally ordered my Neuros bundle. Can't wait for that to come! I wanna play...

Anyway, my visa came last night as well. I had to go pick it up over at Airborne Express because they were not aloud to leave it at the door since my passport was in it. Woohoo. I am going.

Went over to Matt's and played poker with Matt and Molly for a while. They took my $5. It was fun though.

I love USB and flash cards more every day. It is unbelieveable how useful they are.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Dentist and Feel Rite

Current music: Pedro the Lion - Bad Things to Good People

I went to the dentist. I hate that my gums are always red. They have been my whole life and the dentist always says I don't floss, but I always have... Anyways, my gums got tore up! Bad times.

After the dentist I needed some fun so I went over to Feel Rite. They had some green tea on sale (Uncle Lee's Tea), so I bought two packages (Cinnamon Apple and Original), two of those vegan cookies Tim loves (pumpkin spice and espresso chocolate chip), and a bottle of mango juice.

I just made a cup of the cinnamon apple green tea. It is pretty good, but I should have gotten the Jasmine or Tropical Fruit.

We have a "lunch and learn" today about how our products are used in digital video production. Should be pretty cool as long as they don't go into stuff like, "This is Final Cut Pro..." I want to see how our stuff was used to create "Finding Nemo", "Lord of the Rings", and "Toy Story".
Current music: Legends of Rodeo - South Dakota

Last night was awesome. I slept pretty much all evening. I got home and watched some Twin Peaks then fell asleep on the couch until about 8. Got up and did a little work on the computer until 10 then went to bed. I think it was all the coffee I drank on Sunday made me tired yesterday.

Stupid dentist appointment today at 10. I have a lot of stuff to do again this week. I have to get my binding back from 2-4-5 as well. I need to work on selling my car... I have it posted on now.

Must do work before dentist time...bye.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Weekends are better

Current music: Mew - Snow Brigade

Damn this song is good! Ok...on with it...

Friday I went out with the dudes... We went to this girl's house who is friends with Joe. I never want to go there again. They were soooo lame. It was so pathetic that Joe, Kris, Tim, and I were sitting there txt'ing each other. We went and walked around Chippewa for a while then went home. It was pretty fun though.

Saturday I didn't even wake up until 1:30. I took my scanner and one of my living room chairs over to Kris because I need to start moving out and he said he wanted those things. Then Tim and I went with Jeff, Beth, and Jill up to Xin Vego. Last time Tim went there in January it was closed indefinitely because the people were on holiday. It was still closed! We all ended up at an Indian place down the street that was pretty good. Jill and I played hockey in the Duty Free shop. She thinks Tim and I do cocaine. She is way too gullible.

Sunday I got up early in the morning and packed up the car with stuff to move to my parents and drove to Rochester. Jennie met me out for breakfast at the Atomic Eggplant. Of course, they stopped doing Sunday brunch. We decided to go to Sweetland in East Rochester...out of business! What the hell is with all these restaurants? We went to Riki's in Fairport instead. I went back to my parents and put stuff away and did laundry and played with Roxanne. I drove back to Buffalo in the afternoon then went out for dinner at Olive Garden with my cousins and aunt and uncle. It was my aunt's birthday on Saturday. We went to Jeff's afterwards for dessert.

Talked to Mario yesterday. He is coming this weekend. I am amped for that. I should tell him to bring his skis and we can hit up KB... We are gonna cause some chaos with Kris and Tim (aka Sweet Baby Moose). Can't wait! I hope Shaun comes with him.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Photo Blog excitement...

Current music: WBER 90.5 FM through my RealPlayer

I have two ways to access this one. If you are an RSS geek like me, there are feed links...

Here is the RSS 2.0 feed... .

Otherwise...the normal way is...

Love, Lenny

PS - there is an Atom feed, and other RSS versions for the so inclined. Just go to the blog and click on "Syndicate" link on the right. Links to the other feeds will be there.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Breaking even

Current music: The Breeders - Off You

Sometimes I think I am Jerry Seinfeld. Remember that episode where he always breaks even. That is me... Last night I went with Beth, Brickey, and Frank to play some Quick Draw at Danny's. Of course, I played $10 and won $10... I am even...

After Quick Draw we went to see a local band (young kids) called Someday Never Comes. The pretty much worship Brickey and had given Frank a bunch of tickets to see them. They were surprisingly good for such young kids. The singer can REALLY sing, but their music needs some work. They didn't have any of their equipment mic'd so they probably would have sounded even better if they did.

I want my own personal Cure concert like Frank had...

Thursday, March 04, 2004

2nd time through the mix

Current music: Burden Brothers - Beautiful Night

I just figured out that Blogger creates an Atom feed, so all this crap I have been going through to get an RSS feed working could have been ignored and I could have just done an Atom feed... here it is:

Almost time for pizza... Goodbye.

pizza at night messes with my stomach the next morning

Current music: The Postal Service - Remixes and Rarities

Went home last night and watched two episodes of Twin Peaks. I must be almost done with the second season now. Holly asked me to go out with her for some pizza. We went to Sal's. Damn, I wish I had known about that place sooner. Best pizza in town. Finally, some thin crust. Think stuff is good, but thin is where it's at. Holly made me a mix cd. It has tons of stuff I have never heard before so I am excited.

Quick Draw tonight with the pleather crew.

I am thinking about joining Liferea project. It is a pretty cool program that has some cool features. I like it better than Straw because it allows right-clicks and folders, but it doesn't auto-update like Straw does. By the way... it is an RSS reader.

I have not decided yet if I am going to bring my laptop to NZ with me though. Since I don't know where I am going to be living or anything like that I am kinda sketchy about it. If I do bring it, I will join Liferea so I can have some development to do to keep my mad skillz tuned. If not, I am not joining... Just won't have enough access to a linux box...

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


didn't mean to post a blank. Just a test.

RSS should work now

Current music: Boy Sets Fire - Release the Dogs

Just made a small change to my blog template and I think the RSS feed should be all fixed now.

So ready to move

Current music: Ben Folds - Still Fighting It

Went out for dinner with Sarah last night. Amazing Lebanese fish at Byblo's. I am gonna miss that place. I burned my tongue so badly on the soup though.

This weekend I am going to head to Rochester with a bunch of stuff to leave at my parents house. Time to start moving out. I still have the rest of this month to move out, but the earlier I start the easier it will be in the end.

So I still have a couch and matching chair. Anybody want to buy them? I have some other stuff as well... My sister is probably gonna take my TV and microwave. Kris is taking my yellow and white striped chair. I'm selling my old computer to Zubz. I have a 15" monitor that is in excellent condition...anybody?

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Feedster kinda works

Current music: Hot Water Music - Not for Anyone

Looks like this Feedster stuff kinda works, but it is not making my titles correctly. It uses the beginning of my post as the title. I probably have something screwy in my template. I'll work on it later. I need to do real work here.

here comes more...

Current music: Hot Water Music - One Step to Slip

Sarah and I didn't go out last night. She had to stay at Bombshell later because Tracey's kid was sick. We are going out tonight instead. I love Byblo's.

Bowled last night with Marie, Tammy, and Donnie. I was going to bet with the other kids, but they had already formed teams. I like bowling with no pressure better anyways. Tammy's birthday is tomorrow so I am going out with them on Friday to celebrate.

I have a busy week going...
Tonight: Sarah
Wednesday: not sure...snowboarding with Jeff and Ben?
Thursday: snowboarding? Quick Draw at night
Friday: Tammy's birthday shenanigans
Saturday: maybe a lil snowboarding
Sunday: Aunt Gail's birthday dinner

I really need to get crackin on selling my car as well!

Monday, March 01, 2004

Not going well

Still trying to work out the Feedster kinks...

Ok... trying this feedster

Current music: The Fire Theft - It's Over

I am trying out this Feedster thing to make an RSS feed out of my blog...

Here is a link to the feed:

Update:I don't think it is really working... not sure though.
Current music: Every Time I Die - Floater

Well, Friday I went to the Punchline show with Beth, Brickey, Frank, Garlipp, and the rest of the crew. It was a really boring show, but the parts when Brickey was getting the kids to do stupid crap was awesome! Got to finally meet Ben as well. Cool kid. I'll have to go riding with him before the season ends.

Saturday I hung around my apartment most of the day then went to an art show with Tim and Beth. All silk screened posters from indie bands. It was pretty cool and I would loved to have bought some of them, but they were priced pretty damn high. I guess that is to be expected, but who wants to pay $50 for a Modest Mouse poster even if it is silk screened and one of a kind?

Sunday I went for a pretty sweet bike ride. Good to get back out on that thing. Tim and I did some digital camera shopping and he got the new Canon SD10... sick price at That camera is so damn small. Then we went over to Jeff and Beth's and made dinner. Amazing (and hot!) bbq seitan burritos. It came out so good. I was proud. We used a japaleno instead of 2 habaneros like the recipe called for. I am so glad I didn't use the habaneros because it was rediculously hot. Excellent though and I have some leftover for lunch today so I can set my mouth on fire again.

Here comes geek talk...
I never really knew what RSS was until Sunday. There was an article on Slashdot about it and I started looking into it. Really cool stuff. I am using Bloglines now at work and Straw at home. I love it. It is going to totally save me time and bandwidth at work. Everybody should look into it. If you have questions let me know. I understand it for the most part now. I am still learning though.