Wednesday, June 30, 2004

1st of July already

Went out for lunch with Boldas and Erez yesterday to the Indian place Boldas and I like so much. I think Erez was pretty happy with it too. Ran into Adam in Defy and he told me his band was playing at Altitude. So, after work I went home for a while then about 9:30 went down to Altitude and saw Electric Shakedown. Damn that band is good. I wonder if they have any CDs out yet.

Yesterday we had our quarterly business report here at work. Things are really looking up for the company and we might have some profit sharing things happening. That would be really cool since our pay rates are less than spectacular. I mean, they really aren't bad, but compared to what I have seen of other people, ours are not the best around...

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Work work work. Play play play.

So the new software in the Neuros (2.21) rocks. The DJ functions are pretty cool, although I really won't use them. Hit up the grocery store after work last night, then played some pool with Ben after beating Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo (8-bit). Time to pick up Super Mario Bros. 3.

Pretty average days lately. I am nearly not sick anymore. I have only blown my nose 3 times this morning.

There was an unbelievable sunset last night. This picture was shot down my road right outside my flat. Doesn't really do it justice though.

Monday, June 28, 2004

almost better

I almost feeling completely better today. I have really changed since yesterday. I worked late here yesterday then went home and hung out for a short while before hitting the hay early. I need to take care of some car insurance stuff today. I need to start making payments...

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Back to work, but still slightly sick

Had a great weekend at the mountain. Friday night I just hung around and got ready for the trip down. Went to bed early. Then, Saturday morning at about 5:30am I picked up Richard. We came to my work and made a nice cuppa for the road. Hit the road at 6:15am and we were at the mountain at about 9:15am. Takes a pretty long time to get down there, then about 30 minutes to get up the access road to Turoa.

It was raining at first, but just lightly. After about an hour it cleared up and we had an awesome day. The snow wasn't great and the crowds were suck, but we managed to get some fun riding for the first day of the season.

Richard and I went down the mountain at about 3:30 and got some food at the grocery store. Ben and Melanie were already at the hostel in the hottub. We went back and made some dinner...roast chicken sandwiches and potato salad. THen we all went out to the hottub. It was a pretty cool one. The water is boiled by a fire, then you turn on the jet and it puts the water into the tub. The tub was all made of wood.

On Sunday morning we wanted to go up the mountain again, but we couldn't. Turoa was closed due to high winds and rain so we went to Whakapapa. The only thing open there was Happy Valley. We basically turned around and just headed home. We were home at about 11:30am. I came into work and downloaded the pictures and stuff. Figured out the final itinerary for my parents, then went back home. Sat around with Ben and Mel all afternoon.

So, I am starting to feel a little better. Still kinda sick though. My nose is still stuffy, but I can breath. Well, time to get to work.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Sunrise in National Park Village

We got up this morning to a beautiful sunrise in National Park Village. This was shot from the porch at the hostel. Absolutely stunning...

Photo Friday entry - "Clouds"

Took this shot yesterday just after I finished snowboarding for the day at Turoa...

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Love it when it works

So, I had some nicely object-oriented C code here at work. I wrote it over the past few weeks and it comprises several thousand lines. It was all working. Then I needed to do some much more complex things with it. I started using it in ways that I hadn't originally anticipated, but it all works nicely. It is a hardware configuration tool, but much of the hardware knowledge has been successfully abstracted.

Now, I have tested about 25% of it and so far it is working flawlessly... The rest probably won't go as easily, but here's to wishing.

Snow snow snow

Heading to the snow tomorrow for some serious riding. Ben and Mel left this morning to go down there for the weekend. Tomorrow morning Richard, Daryl, and I are going. We are going to stay with Ben and Mel tomorrow night in a hostel and ride the whole weekend. I should have some good pictures soon...

Last night we celebrated Melanie's 21st. Her parents, grandparents, Ben's parents and brothers, and a bunch of friends all came over and we had a huge feed. The mother's made all the food and cleaned our house. Fun times. Jade and Amanda stayed over night last night.

I am starting to feel a little bit better, still kinda under the weather though. I think tomorrow I will be better. I better be better...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

for Aaron

Mario just gave me a great idea.

(15:55:17) Mario Graziosi: when you do your first run
(15:55:21) Mario Graziosi: you need to say out loud
(15:55:37) Mario Graziosi: this one is for you, arron. then the second run, you can do for me

So, I am going to do it and get it on my camera. I am going to ride for Aaron this season.

sickity sick

Still sick, but doing better I think. Last night I went home from work early and just sat around all night and relaxed. It was pretty miserable though. Just before I went to bed a girl called from the video store. She said that my flatmate Alice had two overdue X-rated videos called "Double Penetration" and "Asian Girls 3". I wrote a note for ALice while snickering to myself.

This morning I had some trouble getting up for work. I finally got up and Ben told me that the overdue videos were a joke. Damn, it would have been funny as.

I am at work now and I am feeling pretty stink, but not as horrible as yesterday. I can breath through my nose somewhat, but it is runny.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

so sick

Heading home from work. I feel like crap. This morning I went to the pharmacy and got some nasal decongestant. It is meant to be taken only once every 8-10 hours. I took at at 11, I am stuffed as and I can't take it again for nearly 4 hours... I have gotten quite a bit done today despite my health, but I don't want to suffer any longer. Time to go home.

When tears fill your eyes whom shall you run to?

Current music: Damien Jurado - Intoxicated Hands

Back at work today even though I am sick as a dog... I have a really stuffy nose and my throat sucks, but other than that I am doing ok... I am just drink a lot of hot drinks today and then go home a bit early and go to bed.

It sucks that I am sick because Leigh txt'd me last night to hang out today. I guess I will have to catch up with her some other time unless I am feeling way better after work.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Amer might come to NZ!

Current music: Beck - Sexx Laws

Last night was pretty cruisy. Went home and made some enchiladas then just hungout and watched tv with Ben. Some bad movie was on called "Joy Ride".

I had the hardest time getting up this morning. It is freezing here at work. I should put on my hoodie...

Amer sent me an email today saying that he is interested in working here in NZ. Since the recuiter, Gary, is looking for more people with my skills Amer should be a good fit. He is gonna send me his resume and stuff and I will get it over to Gary. That would be funny if Amer ended up over here too.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Back from the doctor

Just got back from the doctor. Went over to the Anglesea Clinic across the street to have this infection on my foot looked at. She gave me a prescription for 32 500mg caplets of Flucloxacillin Sodium. Fun times... Hopefully this crap on my foot starts going away.

Tired this morning

Current music: Air - The Vagabond

Back at work. I have a stupid infection in my foot and I have to wait until 8:30 to make a doctor's appointment. Ugh...

So I got to thinking

I just read Mario's blog about not just posting a chronicle of what you have done because it is like bragging and crap like that. I thought about that for a few minutes and I thought, nope... I am fine with bragging. This isn't so much for other people as much as it is for me. It is a way for me to write down what I have done and let other people know was well. I have friends and family who read this because they want to know what is going on in my life. Simple as that... If people want to take it as though I am bragging, well, fine. I know that I am not completely self-centered. So, here goes the chronicle...

Friday night I hung out at home and crashed out early so that Simon and I could get up for some mean tramping in the morning. We got up at 6 am and headed out at 6:30. We stopped by my work and made a cuppa for the road. Took us about 1.5 hours to get up to Thames on the Coromandel Peninsula. From there it is about a 30 minute drive on a gravel access road to the Webb Creek Track to the Pinnacles. We had to ford several rivers on the way up the road in my car. Great first mission for the car. We stopped at the visitor's center to be told that the track from the Pinnacles Hut to the top of the Pinnacles is closed for maintenance. We were obviously gutted. The girl also told us that the weather would be crappy. I didn't believe her. We had seen the weather reports and the skies in Thames were clearing nicely only 15 kms away.

We continued on up the road. There was a huge slip across the road and we had to pull a tree out of the way so that we could keep driving:

We started the track about 9:30 am. We made it up the the Pinnacles Hut and ate a snack. There was a sign there saying the track wouldn't be closed until Monday the 21st. Stupid DOC girl at the office... We made it up to the top and the skies had cleared. We got some incredible views and some lunch then headed back down.

What a great tramp. We were really lucky with the weather and the slip and the top being open, and everything really. I'm ready to have some more missions with Simon soon...

Today I just sat around most of the day. I went over to Samantha's house to watch a movie with some people and I fell asleep during it. I did some grocery shopping and figured I would come to the internet cafe to write some stuff down instead of doing this at work tomorrow.

Can't wait until the mountain opens...

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Endace company photo

In my colony...

Current music: Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition

Our BBQ was cancelled today because everyone was too slack to get on it and actually make it happen. Oh well. I went back to the insurance company to pick up some maps for my travels with Simon this weekend. Then I went to Subway and got some of their crappy food for lunch. It is close and I have a 10% off card.

One of the guys I have been working with just told me that he is happy with how quickly I am getting things done. I am glad they are happy with me. THe problem is that whenever people tell me that I start slacking off. I don't want to, but I do it subconsiously. It is good to hear that I am doing well and if I don't hear that I get frusterated. I hope I can keep up my productivity here.


Last night I went out for a cruise in the my car since I finally got insurance. Wheee... Then I went home, made some dinner, then went to Aimee and Sarah's. Gareth, Daryl, Kenny, Richard, some dude named Aaron, Simon, and Melissa were all there. It was a good night.

Simon and I decided that we are gonna go for a tramp tomorrow. Probably up in the Coromandel.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Anyone want to work in NZ?

I had some email correspondence with the recruiter how got me the job here at Endace. He reckons that he can get a lot more people jobs if they are keen. So... any of you reading this... if you want a job in the embedded software/firmware/hardware engineering field, let me know. I can probably hook you up with something pretty good down here. You have to be willing to move to New Zealand though.

You better be a good worker though... I don't want to give references that make me look like an a-hole.

No pics yet...

Sorry for not getting pictures of the car yet. When I went home from work last night it was too dark and this morning it is raining. I will get them though.

Looks like this weekend should be sweet for some snowboarding. I am going to go and get insurance for my car today. Saturday morning I will head down to the mountain early. It is meant to be rainy at the lower elevations, but snowing up high. I will probably just take the lifts as high as I can go and start hiking towards the crater. That is as long as visibility is ok and everything...

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Got my car!

Current music: Denison Witmer - I Won't Let You Down

Ben rang earlier and I told him what was up. He transferred the money back to my account. Then I went down to the bank and withdrew the money for the car. They gave me a hassle about it because I didn't have a NZ drivers license and I wasn't carrying my passport. They had to get a hold of the branch in Auckland where I opened the account and get them to fax down a bunch of information.

Once I had the money I went to WestPac and deposited the money into the dude's account and got a receipt. Then I went to Defy and showed Mark the receipt and the transfer paper from the post office.

I have to go back to see him at 5pm and he is going to give me a ride to his house so I can get the car. I will have to come back and work for a little longer after that since I reall yhave done very little work here today...

Expect car photos soon...

I'm gonna scream because I'll feel better

Current music: The Shins - Pink Bullets

Ok, so here goes... I got the $NZ1000 from my account in the States and paid fees to have it transferred over here. Then this morning I deposited it into my ANZ account. I came back to work and called in to their phone banking service. I set up my account to transfer money to the guy who owns the car. Everything is sweet right? So I transfer money to account #50 (like the bank told me to do) and it goes to my flatmate's account as if I am paying for rent. Ahhhh! Now I am trying to get a hold of Ben so that he can send the money back over to me, but I can't get in touch with him. All of this makes me look like a damn unreliable moron who doesn't actually have the money to pay for the car. It makes it look like I am jerking Mark around, but I am truely having problems here. Hopefully I can get this all sorted out by tomorrow and Mark won't think I am some kind of idiot... I really have to work?

Current music: Jets to Brazil - Orange Rhyming Dictionary

Hit up the Asian supermarket again last night to get some more green tea. I go through that stuff like I get paid to drink it. I have found my favorite one they have so I got a 100 pack for only $NZ6 which is about $US4! Not bad huh?

On the bus home some American girls sat down with me. I talked to them on the ride. They seemed pretty cool. When I got off the bus I must have dropped my red LibTech hat because it was gone from that point on. I went over to Aimee and Sarah's and watched the Sixth Sense with them, Gareth, Daryl, and Tash.

This morning, on the bus I asked if they had found a hat. The driver radio'd in and said they had one, so I rode all the way to the bus depot and got my hat, then I had to walk all the way across town to go to work.

I have to leave mid-morning and go to the bank because I have to deposit the $NZ1000 I have in my pocket. I need to have $NZ3000 in my NZ account to pay for my car so I got the money transferred over last night.

Ok, time to get to work.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Photo Friday

Current music: Incubus - Megalomaniac

I haven't entered the challenge in a few weeks now. Here is my entry for the week... It is a shot of Mario on top of Cascade Mountain in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York State in November of 2002. The challenge this week is "Journey".

Current music: Cool Hand Luke - Waiting for Another Hit

Went down to Defy during lunch. Mark didn't bring in the papers, so we have to do it tomorrow. I have to pay the guy in one lot into his account. That is kind of annoying because that means that I can't just wait until my next paycheck. I have to take money from my US account and pay fees on it. Bastard. Oh well... I can understand his point of view.

For lunch I went to the Khymer Satay Noodle House again today. Went there yesterday too. I love that place. Awesome Thai satay, noodle, soup, rice. It is pretty cheap too.

New car!

Current music: Ben Folds - One Nagry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces

I went to Defy yesterday during my lunch and talked to Boldas. His girlfriend's step-dad accepted my offer of $3000 for the car. Sweet! I just need to suss out the payment now.

On my way home from work last night I was waiting at the bus stop and the bus drove right past me. I had waved to him to stop and the bus driver waved back. I ran and caught him at the light. Bastard! Sarah and Aimee were on the bus and they said that Gareth had come back the night before. He would be at their house for dinner. When we got to their stop I got off with them to see Gazzy. He wasn't there so I headed home. Ran into Daryl and Gareth on the way home. That dude hasn't changed at all. It was damn good to see him.

I made some dinner and stuff then walked over to Simon and Richard's place. Nobody was there but Richard, so we went around to Sarah and Aimee's. They were watching Monster. Kenny and Tash were there too. I chilled there and watched the movie, then Tash gave me a ride home.

Gotta suss the car stuff today with Boldas. I am pumped for the ski season to start this weekend...

Sunday, June 13, 2004

I love my new goggles

Current music: Smashing Pumpkins - Storytelling

This weekend was pretty sweet... Friday night Kenny and I went into town and shot some stick then cruised in his car. He loves cruising... After that we headed home.

Saturday morning I got up early and made some breakfast and then took the bus into town. Walked over to Boldas' house and picked up his girlfriend's parent's car to take over to a garage to get it checked out. I took it to the garage that Kenny's brother Chris works at, but he wasn't there. The other guys there checked it and and tested the electrical system and stuff. They said they thought the car was sweet, so I decided I would buy it. I took it back to Boldas' house and Ben and Melanie picked me up. We went into town and I stopped by Defy to talk to Boldas. I offered $3000 and he said he would talk to Paula's step-dad.

Mel, Ben, and I went shopping because they wanted new snowboard gear. We went to Kathmandu and I got some polyprolene stuff, a shirt and pants. I am wearing the pants right now actually. I love them. So warm... Then we went to R&R Sports. They were having an unbelievable sale on... We got Ben a Solomon board, brand new, for $NZ499 and Mel bot a similar new Solomon for $NZ399. Then they were saying they needed boots and bindings as well. We started looking around and we were looking in the used boots. The used boots were all around $NZ150 for anything even close to decent. All of a sudden I saw some boxes of Drake bindings on sale. I went to look and the box was taped to a box of NorthWave boots. I asked the sales clerk and he said that they were step-in Drakes with compatible boots, all up for $NZ200. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I called Ben and Mel over and they started trying them on. Before long they had settled on that setup. I was looking at goggles because my old Iris' are scratched to hell and the sun down here will destroy your eyes if you don't have good goggles, so I needed new ones. I wasn't finding anything I really liked though. Ben and Mel liked some Dirty Dog ones and they were $NZ90 and $NZ70 respectively. So, all up that is $NZ1458. They ended up paying only about $NZ1300 after talking the people down a bit more. All this stuff is work about $US1720 when it is not on sale... and that is about $NZ2900. The deals were so good it was almost like stealing.

Saturday night I started calling around to see what was on. Decided that I would hit up a party with Samantha at some rugby dudes house because it was also Leah's going away party. Leah is heading back to Canada. She is pretty sad about that though. I met this amazing and beautiful girl named Sarah. She is from NSW Australia and was visiting some friends over here in Hamilton on her way to New Hampshire to work at a summer camp. She seemed really excited about going. I told her to let me know if she will be travelling at all because I can hook her up with places to stay around the North East. She invited me to come stay with her sometime in NSW. I am definitely going to take her up on that when she gets back from the States...

In the morning on Sunday I talk to Mom about her plans when she is over here. I am going to make some adjustments to the original plan... Afterwards I did some laundry then started walking into town. Kenny picked me up on the way. I wanted to check out the other snowboard sale going on at Ski Your Heart Out. Kenny and I went over there and I found some wicked Dragon DX goggles with a Ionized Blue Iridium lens. I am going to have some of the nicest goggles on the mountain... and I got them for only $NZ160. I talked the guy down from the sale price quite a bit. Went home after that and just hungout around the flat for the night...

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I want a car badly

Current music: Overcome - Life Once Lost

I just found out that the beta version of Google Groups does ATOM feeds so I can read them in Bloglines. Whoa... Now I have another way to waste time using RSS. :)

Also, I have two invites left for Gmail. That is Google's 1GB of mail place. If anybody wants an account, let me know. The first two people will get accounts.

Only decaf coffee was left this morning when I got into work. So I was making a cup and as soon as I got finished pulling the espresso shot Gerald walked in with a new bag of real coffee. I guess I will have to go make another.

Last night I went home after work and went hard at making an itinerary for Mom and Dad when they come over to NZ for 3 weeks. I have it pretty much set. I emailed it off to Mom today and I'm waiting to see what she thinks of it. I may change a few things. It is difficult though. I don't have Abel Tasman on there, nor Dunedin. Those are both places she wants to go. There is plenty of golf for Dad though...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I miss having Loveline

I miss it so much that after work I go to an internet cafe and pay to download it. Jeff knows what I mean...

It has been one month now that I have worked for Endace. I am really enjoying it so far. As soon as this episode finishes downloading I need to copy it over the the Neuros and get to the grocery store then catch the last bus home. Hurry up and download...

Can't wait until my laptop gets here and I get DSL so that I can download music and stuff again. I feel really out of touch. I go into the music store and I don't know what to buy because I haven't heard anything new. I guess that is sorta good because then I don't go buying a lot of CDs, but it sucks too because I don't have new stuff to listen to and get excited about.

Ok... only 4 minutes left.

Good to hear from the Routeburn siblings

Got into work this morning and had an email from Jessica. I met her on the Routeburn track, so it was pretty sweet to hear from her again.

After work last night I went to see the Punisher with Erez. Erez is one of my co-workers. He's from Isreal and he has just moved out of his office here into the Auckland branch. He is down here in Hamilton once in a while, so when he is he has nothing to do. THe Punisher was decent... better than I expected.

Went home and just hung out then went to bed. Today I want to meet up with Sarah for lunch, but not sure if we will because she had a late night working on a project last night. Waiting for a txt. If I don't hear from her I will probably hit up the Japanese Cafe with Erez... Best sashimi in all of Hamilton. At least from what I have seen...

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Mexican in NZ sucks

I stayed late at work last night then went out for dinner with two of my co-workers. We hit up the Mexican place on Victoria St. called Pancho's. I had heard it was pretty good, but it was just barely passable. It was pretty pathetic, but it is still Mexican.

After dinner I went home and played some Super Mario Bros. on the old original Nintendo that Alice has, watched some tv, then went to bed. It was so cold last night. Our house is not insulated so that makes it even worse. It was meant to be -2C last night. I slept in my sleeping bag with it all zipped up and everything.

This morning there was a beautiful sunrise. I posted a picture from it at

Well, I have plenty of work to do here at work so I will get going on it.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Click click click

So, all that time that I thought my posts were not making it they really were, just not being published. When they finally published this morning there were a crapload of them...

Anyways, I went to Auckland this weekend. I rode up there with Ben and Melanie on Friday evening after work. We stayed at Ben's brother's place near Mount Eden. In the morning Ben had to go to a funeral for his uncle and he needed clothes to wear to it. We went out to a mall near the airport, but they weren't open yet. We ended up at a suit shop that we didn't know existed right next to Tristan's flat. We went upstairs to teh flat first and asked around for a belt. Tristan's flatmate didn't have one so Ben went down to buy one. Then, his flatmate opened the door to his bedroom and threw one into the lounge and said, "here is a your belt." I took it and ran down to the shop and busted in and yelled, "Don't buy it!" The store owner was confused as. Ben told him he didn't want it and we left. It was a pretty funny scene.

I caught a bus into town and walked around for a little while. I took my bag up to the bus station a teh Sky Tower and locked it up then got a bus out to Turners' Car Auctions in Penrose. I test drove a bunch of cars, but nothing was all that great. Afterwards I caught a bus back into the city and met up with Bubba and Steve. Got some Thai for lunch and did some music shopping with Bubba. After spending ages in Real Groove and not finding either of the CDs I wanted we went down to the bus station, got my stuff and went back to his flat in Kingsland. Simon came and picked us up and Steph came with us. We went down to a Middle Eastern restaurant in the city and got some dinner then went to the King's Arms for a show. Evil Priest (Boldas's band) played along with a few others. There were some good looking girls at this place! I am gonna have to go to shows there more often!

Boldas said he would give me a ride back to Hamilton, so instead of taking the bus the next day I rode back with him. We got home about 1:45am. He told me that his girlfriend's parents were selling an '89 Toyota Corolla and it is in good condition... I was stoked to see it.

Sunday morning I sat around and did some laundry, called some people in the States, just relaxed. In the afternoon I went into town and hit up the Asian supermarket for some food then walked to Boldas's flat. We watched the end of the rugby game (the Warriors won!) then took the car for a drive. It is in mint condition except the starter makes a funny noise. I am gonna take it to a mechanic this week and get it sussed. They want $3500 for it, but I think I can get them down to $3000... maybe lower...

Yesterday was the Queen's birthday so we had the day off of work. I got up in the morning and called Mom and talked to her about plans for when she is here, then decided to walk into town and do some shopping. On my walk into town I txt'd Sam to see if she was keen, then walked over to her flat. We walked into town and went to Endace to make some mochas then went shopping. I found a bunch of sweet stuff. I got zip-up Puma rain jacket from Farmer's (but they had to order it from Tauranga because they didn't have my size and it will be here late this week), a NRG button down shirt from Surf'n'Gear (that I am wearing right now), and a pack cover for my backpack. I did pretty well. There are still a few more things I need to get though...

Is this thing working now

Tried to post on Friday... didn't work. Before I write something long I want to make sure it works now...

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Stupid blogger

I wrote a nice long post earlier and I got a proxy error about a zero byte return something or other...

Heading up to Auckland for the weekend

Current music: Q and Not U - A Line in the Sand

So I totally didn't know that I have the day off from work on Monday because it is the Queen's birthday. Pretty sweet... I wish I'd of know. I would have gone and done a tramp someplace. Maybe even fly down to the south island for something. Oh well. I am going to head up to Auckland with Ben and Melanie tonight then in the morning do some shopping with them. They have to go to a funeral so I will then go looking for a car and stuff then head to Bubba's.

Bubba and I are going to go to a show tomorrow night that Boldas is playing. I will probably head back down to Hamilton on Sunday morning... maybe with a car. Then maybe head out for a tramp on Sunday or Monday depending if I have a car.

Posted a lot of pictures yesterday from the beginning of May until now.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

No Thai for lunch

Current music: Pavement - Fame Throwa

Sarah and I had planned to try a new Thai place today for lunch, but she was in a meeting and couldn't make it. Oh well, next week... I ate at an Indian place that Boldas had brought me to a few weeks ago. The guy kept offering me more lamb and rice even though I had plenty. It was kinda weird... It is not meant to be an all-you-can-eat place...

Here is a beauty from last night at the art show/concert with Love Like Electrocution:

On one of the walls there was this big chalk devil thing drawn. Jack was right in front of it and it made a pretty cool picture although I am not very happy with any of the ones I took...

Garrlipp quote of the day

"do they have any lotto in NZ? i have winning lotto tickets in 4 seperate states i need to get back to right now...."

Went to an art show last night at Polytech and this band called Love Like Electrocution was playing at it. They are really good and it was cool to see them. They are playing again this weekend with This Night Creeps. I'll be there.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Gonna be electrocuted by love tonight

Current music: Death Cab for Cutie - Amputations

Yesterday during my lunch I went over to the mall and picked up a pretty sweet book on the best NZ golf courses for Dad. He'll be stoked. THere are some really wicked looking one in there.

Ben and I went bowling at SkyCity last night. I was horrid... 138. Tuesdays are the cheap days... $5/game. That is totally absurd. I hear the alleys in Te Rapa might be cheaper.

Today I went shopping again during lunch. I want to get some clothes, but I am having trouble finding things that I like. I stopped in at Defy and Luke stopped in about the same time. He said there is a show going on at the Polytech today (supposed to be a surprise show) at 5:30pm. It is Love Like Elecrocution and it is free. They are a band from Australia that is supposed to be pretty good. Haven't heard them yet though. They are playing this art show thing or something. They are playing again this weekend with Electric Shakedown and This Night Creeps. I'll be there on Saturday. I wanna see Electric Shakedown again!