Saturday, April 30, 2005

Super sliz-ack

Man, I never post lately. I have had a cold and just been not doing much anyway. Went out with Monique and Nick last night... Monique is such a cool girl to hang out with. Wish I had more time in Rochester to spend with her.

Tonight my parents are taking me out to Hogan's Hideaway in the city for dinner. My brother and sister are coming too and Kris is coming from Buffalo with Laura. Should be a fun time.

I wish my ear didn't have so much damn pressure in it. I can't hear anything. Ugh.

I posted my grandfather's '62 Falcon on eBay. Hoping it will sell for a reasonable amount. I am going to give them the money though. It is their car, not mine...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

izzlin and dizzlin

Well, last night I met up with Jennie at Javah's... Monique and Sara showed up too and a bunch of Jennie's little kids were there. We hung around for a little while and I was in a daze because I was tired and starting to feel sick. Ended up at Spike's for a game of darts then we all went home. Jennie and Monique were trying to get me to go to Brockport to some bar with them tonight, but I didn't want to go because I am still not feeling up to par. Ugh... must get better.

Lie Berry

My parents don't have broadband at home and it sucks being on such a slow connection. Right now I am at the public library. Not bad... 3mbps. I guess coming here isn't bad. Gets me out of the house a little bit. I want my car to be fixed so I can drive it again. I think I will have the wheel back on Thursday.

Again I missed it

So, about 2 weeks ago there was a Photofriday competition called "Rest". If I had been on top of things I would have posted this photo which I have posted before:

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Back in Rochester

Current music: AC/DC - Burnin' Alive

I am finally back in Rochester and for a few days this time. Since coming back from NZ, I haven't really spent any time here. I have been in Plattsburgh, Buffalo, Alfred, everywhere but here. Now I am here and starting to get unpacked finally... It has been 3 weeks of wearing the same clothes over and over because I hadn't unpacked anything else.

Buffalo was fun the other day. The baseball game was rained out, but Jeff and I met up with Kris and Sarah at Jasmine's for dinner then went downtown. We stopped in Spot and the Pink, but everything was dead so we went back to Kris's house and watched Napoleon Dynamite then fell asleep.

Yesterday I drove back to Rochester and just hung out the rest of the night. I found out that Alayne is pregnant! That is crazy. Talked to Meghan on the phone as well... can't wait to see her and do some hiking with her in CO this summer!

Well, gotta go continue unpacking.

Friday, April 22, 2005

beth is in love with ashlee

Went to my dad's softball game yesterday at Alfred. They won both.

This morning when I got up I had to take care of my wheel. I took it over to Keystone and they are sending it to Pennsylvania to be repaired. I should get it back the middle of next week. So I have to take my mom's car to Buffalo tonight for the Bison's game with Jeff and Kris.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mo' money

This morning I raked the yard with my dad then went over to Mazda to get my inspection and see about a new rim. My inspection passed, but the rim is gonna be $486! I have to look around online for something cheaper. That is absurd.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Finally made it back to Rochester

So, they tell me my rim is bent. I just paid over $400 for new tires in Schenectady... Damn. Now, I am gonna have to get a new rim on top of all this.

Anyways, it is good to be home.

Why can't Mazda use normal tires?

So, I got up at 5:45am and drove to Burlington, but when I got there I found that the guy who told me he would save the tires to me gave them to his store in Williston and and they had sold them yesterday. He said that he would have the tires in for me by Thursday morning. Totally sucks.

When I got back here to Plattsburgh I called a place in Albany and the first place I called has them in. I am going there to get them soon, then heading home to Rochester.

Why does Mazda have to use the lamest size possible. Nobody stocks these 195-50R16 83V tires. They are an odd size that nobody really wants. It sucks...

Last night I hung out with Shaun and tried to see that girl I met the night before, but she wasn't there when I stopped by. I left her a note and she got back to me today... too bad I am leaving. I think this happens to me everywhere I go. I always meet girls right at the end of whatever I am doing. End of the semester, end of living in NZ, end of living in Buffalo, etc... Between that and the tires what am I gonna do? It is so frustrating...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Sledding the ADKs

Shaun and one of his friends have started sledding down some of the high peaks in the Adirondacks this winter. For some videos go here:

Well... Just got a new book: Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. I remember Paul and Chris reading this book several years ago and I have been wanting to read it since. I was in the bookstore and saw it so I grabbed it. Time to get down to business and do some reading.

Bad car... damn donut

Current music: The Kinison - No Talk

Nobody in Plattsburgh has the tire I need. I looked everywhere. Yesterday we ended up taking Shaun's friend Dean's car down to Poke-O-Moonshine to do some hiking. Sucks... Today I went to a few tire places and since nobody has the tire here, I started calling places in Burlington. I found a place that can fix it tomorrow morning. So I will head there early as. After that it will be time to head home.

I always seem to meet an awesome girl just when I am leaving.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


It's been a long time since I went hiking in the Adirondacks. I am going today with Shaun and Jimmy and then it will probably be another long time after that before I go again. We are planning to do Hurricane. I just remember back to when Tor and I did it years ago about this time of year and there was so much ice up on top. If it is like that again this is going to be a fun day! Eh... it probably will be anyway. Time to go get my car fixed.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Montreal is good

Went to Montreal with Lori today. Trying to find the Biodome I hit a pothole and now there is a big bubble in my front passenger side tire. After the Biodome we tried to find a place to get the tire fixed, but everything was closed. Eventually we just ended up eating at a cafe on Saint Denis, then driving back to Plattsburgh.

We watched the Incredibles, then I went over to Shaun's and watched Boondock Saints with his RD... Fun day. I am tired. I must sleep.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Good day eh?

Woke up this morning and chilled out for a while then went to Peacock Music and bought some new CDs. I got Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days and Brandtson - Send Us a Signal.

This afternoon I went and visited Tracie McCarthy and the boys. Cool to see them and have a chat. How is it that Tracie knows everything and gives awesome advice that is right on the money all the time. Shaun said it when he said she is a second mother...

Went out to dinner with Lori, Mike, Jessie, and Lori's friend Davida. Dee knows Johnny from Kent Hall so I am stoked. I hope I get to see that dude this weekend. Dinner was really good. We ate at the Smoked Pepper. It used to be Chipotles, but same food, same quality.

After dinner I went to Shaun's room and watched Mr. Deeds with him and Stacy. Now it is time for bed so I can get up at 9am and go to Lori's for breakfast then to Montreal for the day.

Thanks to Heros

This rules...

Here is the one I made...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I just keep creating drama where there isn't any.

I am sorry...

Made it to the Burgh

Current music: Piebald - The Stalker

Damn, just burned my toungue on this Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Ugh.

Yesterday, after eating brekkie with the rents at Sweetland I drove up to Plattsburgh. About a 5 hour drive and it was quite nice. Dropped my stuff at Mike's, then headed over to the College Center to see Bryan and Mike. After that I went and visited Shaun. Jimmy showed up and almost had a heart-attack because I was in Shaun's room. Jimmy gave me a ride back to Mike's in his mail truck with vinyl seat which he though were leather. Ha!

Lori and Bailey made dinner for me. For all the complaining that Lori does about how she can't cook, I was reasonably impressed. After a quick visit to the mall Lori kicked me out so she could go running. I was pretty surprised. I thought she would want to hang out after not seeing each other for a year. I think she feel uncomfortable around me for some reason.

Couldn't find Shaun after dinner for coffee club, so I hung out with Mike. We wandered around the construction zones in MacDonough Hall. It is crazy. This building is gonna be so rad. Mike's apartment is huge. After wandering for a while we went and visited Jess Po. She doesn't live in Mike's building anymore, but is still working in the mailroom. It was fun to see her again.

Everybody here loves I am not sure why it is just catching on after Friendster, MySpace, and Orkut have been around for ages. I guess it just shows what Brickey was talking about. "Hardcore kids" or whatever you wanna call them always are all over everything. They go through everything first. If you can be on top of what they are on top of currently, then you will know where the trend will go in 2-5 years. It is incredible.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Rochester -> Richmond -> Rochester -> Buffalo -> Rochester

So, the wedding was pretty good and then we had to drive all the way back to Rochester. Ugh. That night I went over to Jennie's house. It is really weird. She is hanging out with all these really young kids, like 18 and 19 year olds. It was cool to see her and Sara, but I felt really uncomfortable with all the babies around and their crazy drama.

Yesterday Stacia gave me a ride to Buffalo and dropped me off with Uncle Bob. We rode out to his old building and picked up my car. It was amazing... just started right up. There is quite a bit of rust on the engine block... I didn't like that much and the rotors and brack calipers were rusted too... I got it washed and met up with Kris for lunch at Mighty Taco, then took my car in for its 30,000 mile maint. Kris and I went to the Hero studio and hung out with Beth, Mark, and Frank for a while, then back to Kris' house. We met up with Beth and Mark later on for dinner at El Canello. Oh... it is so awesome to have fake Mexican and good Mexican in one day. I was in heaven... So much good food. After dinner I went and picked up my car. They said I need to get new front rotors and front brake pads. I figured crap like that I would need to do.

This morning I took the car over to the place in Rochester and got everything fixed up. I still have to get my inspection done, but I have to wait a few days until the battery is fully charged up again. Maybe after I get back from Plattsburgh. I think I am going to go tomorrow until Monday next week.

I gotta go eat some lunch before Mom gets home from work. We are going to Dad's softball game this afternoon at Fisher. It is freezing though. Nothing like Fiji. I need some serious clothing for this business.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Quick photos from the wedding then bed time

Here is a shot of my grandparents and Aunt Ann and Uncle Joe having some fun at the wedding:

And here is one of all of the Maiorani family that was at the wedding:

Fiji pics

Just got back from the wedding and talked to Lori for a while. I thought that while I have internet access here in the hotel I would send some photos to my site. Here are a few from Fiji:

Aku playing the guitar with the kava bowl in front of him:

My hut at Rendezvous Surf and Dive Resort:

Musket Cove on Plantation Island:

Thursday, April 07, 2005

More updates to come

Let's see... it has been a while since I have written anything. I haven't had any internet connection while I was in Fiji. Here is a run-down of what has happened.

31 March Thursday:
It was my last day of work and I was there until nearly 6pm finishing some things up and cleaning out my desk and all that jazz. I went home and met up with Hamish and we went to Eastside to have dinner. Amanda was working there so we hung out with her a little as well...

1 April Friday:
I did some laundry and then Amanda and I walked in to town. We had breakfast at Scott's Epicurean then went to Dick Smith's Electronics so I could use the $NZ60 gift certificate I got from work. I got the BroTown and Kath & Kim DVDs. I think the crew at home will love those. Amanda got some makeup at Farmers then we walked home. I packed all my stuff then went over to Gareth, Sarah, and Simon's house for a while before dinner. My farewell dinner was at Kobe and we had about 12 people there. Awesome food as always. Afterwards we went in to town and hung out at Sohl Bar for the night. Boldis was having his 30th birthday dinner that night too, so it was cool to see a lot of other people there. Some of the guys from work showed up as well.

2 April Saturday:
Marty, Kenny, and I went out to breakfast at Rocket then over to Gareth, Sarah, and Simon's house. Hung out there for a while until Simeon showed up and then we went to my house and packed up my stuff and headed off to Auckland. Pretty funny that Simeon gave me a ride from Bubba's to Hamilton last April and a year later he gave me a ride from Hamilton back to Bubba's. Good stuff. Steph cooked us dinner then Bubba and I went to the movies and saw The Ring 2. It was entertaining, but not nearly as good as the first one.

3 April Sunday:
Steph and Bubba gave me a ride to the airport in the morning. I had brunch there while I was waiting for my flight, then took off for Fiji. Got to Fiji about 4pm and a guy from Rendezvous Surf and Dive Resort picked me up at the airport. It was about a 40 minute drive to the resort and I was in jeans. It was about 35C and I was sweating my balls off. We stopped briefly and I picked up a drink, then we carried on. When I got there dinner was ready. The food at the resort was FANTASTIC!. There was only one other guy staying there that night, Ian from the UK. After dinner we sat around and drank kava and Aku sang me a welcome song. After about 4 or 5 bowls of kava it kicked in and I went right to bed.

4 April Monday:
I got up at about 7am and headed off with Ben, the owner of the Rendezvous Surf and Dive Resort, at 8 to do some diving. We dove at the Fish Market and Natuko Bowl. Both we very nice dive sites. Many fish, warm water, both hard and soft corals, and so many anenomes to tease. Ben's 4 year old daughter came with us and snorkelled while we were diving. She followed us the whole time. Amazing for a kid that young... When we got back we had lunch and then I just hung out for a few hours. In the afternoon I went in to town with David (the resort's massage guy). He showed me around a bit and told me what to watch out for. There are so many people in Nadi who are just trying to rip you off. I heard it is even worse in Asia though... I ended up buying a kava bowl. David said he would get some good "Grade A" kava from one of his mates for me for "Grade C" prices. At the market we found the "Grade C" price to be $FJ30/kg... I took the bus back to the resort at night. Some others had shown up. We had dinner and again it was kava time.

5 April Tuesday:
After getting blisters on my feet from the fins I was wearing diving I thought I would do some surfing instead. I went out to Wilkes Break in the wee hours with some Aussie guys and one guy from the UK named Matty. The tide was already low and on its way out. I caught one wave and rode it in too far. I ended up on the reef and then when the next wave came it slammed me into the reef. My feet and knees hit pretty hard. I paddled out of there but was pretty knackered at that point. I made it back the boat eventually, but was feeling nailed. Once I got into the boat I saw that my feet were cut up pretty badly, but my knees were fine. I just hung out in the boat the rest of the time and took at nap in the sun. At least I can say I have surfed a reef break in Fiji (and it was the reef right next to Cloud Break!). For the In the afternoon I went to the beach at Siga Toka Beach with the Norwegian girls who had come the day before. They were going to learn to surf there. Unfortunately it was more like a lagoon, but a few small waves came through now and again, so they liked it. I snorkelled around for a few hours... Once again there was kava after dinner and we all planned what we would do on Wednesday. A Canadian girl had shown up and wanted to go out to some other islands. I did as well, so we asked about doing an island hopping tour.

6 April Wednesday:
We did the island hopping tour in the morning. The Norwegian girls and Ian were also interested so we went out to Plantation Island and did some snorkelling off the southern reef there then walked around the beach and the resorts a bit. Checked out Musket Cove and Plantation resorts. Whoa... those were pretty nice! In the afternoon we went back to Rendevous and hung out there. Some people went to the beach, but I just stayed and took a nap and read in the hammocks. Again, dinner, then kava!

7 April Thursday:
I wanted to spend a day just chilling out so I stayed at the Rendezvous Surf and Dive Resort all day. I just slept in hammocks and read my book all day. It was so relaxing... I loved it. Some of the guys who work at the resort had a pig hunt on Wednesday night and so we had pork and some native potato-like thing for dinner. Again it was awesome and we had kava afterwards. After that Ben gave me a ride to the airport. I can't believe he is selling the place. After purchasing it when it was just sugarcane and completely building it from scratch in just five years... He loves it and wants to build a new place that will be better. He says he has learned quite a bit from the first one, so his second should be bigger and better. All he wants for it is $US1 million. I am almost interested in buying it for that price. I think that is pretty cheap. I am sure that the property value is only going to increase and I could have that place packed day in and day out. It was be a fun place to run, but I don't know how I feel about moving to Fiji. I could drink a lot of kava if I was there though!

After a few days in Fiji I feel great. I like the island life and being somewhere warm and sunny was fun. I wish I could have done more surfing and diving though... For about the last 3-4 week before I left NZ I had an eye-twitch in my left eye. One of those over-tired over-stressed ones. It is gone now... Ahhhh. Good old Fiji!