Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dan and I and our bikes

whee... mtn bike

Current music: The Appleseed Cast - Ring Out the Warning Bell

I went down to Colorado Bike Supply today and purchased my bike, then of course immediately went for a ride on it. I rode up to Chair 10 on Vail Mountain. I will make it to the top very soon... Maybe tomorrow... I only turned around today because I was water-less with no hydration pack. Dan said I can use his old one for the meantime, so tomorrow I will use that.

I have been working since I got back and I still have quite a few hours of work left to do today even though I have made a lot of progress.

Time for dinner now and a ride down to the Sonnenalp to show off my new bicycle to Jamie.

Monday, May 30, 2005

damn its been a while

Current music: Ben Folds - Fred Jones Pt 2.

So, I discovered Audioscrobbler a few months back and I have finally gotten going on it. I am living it. Very slick.

Anyway, since I have posted I have done quite a bit... On Friday I worked most of the day. How exciting. On Saturday morning Jeff and I went shopping for a mountain bike for me. I picked out a Specialized FSR XC Comp. I have put some money down on it and I will get it either tomorrow or Wednesday. I am stoked! In the evening I went over to Brienne's to help her move and then out to dinner with her and Dan.

Yesterday I went for a ride in the morning and then Jeff, Jamie, and I went to Star Wars at night. It was pretty good. It must be better than the other two because from what I have heard about Episode I+II, they suck.

This morning I went for a short ride up to East Vail and back. Jeff and I are going to go out for another when he gets outta work. He is probably going to pay me out badly. I am getting in better shape, but it will take a while to get in the shape he and Dan are in and then I still don't think I will ever have Jeff's energy level.

I haven't been taking any photos lately. I should...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Did pretty much nothing but work today

Jeff and Dan played disc golf today in Eagle, but I didn't go because my foot is ruined. Instead I stayed home and worked all day. It went pretty well... I didn't get as much done as I did yesterday though.

I took Tasha out longboarding for a while this evening. She has pretty much slept all day... Lazy puppy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Busted foot

Current music: Elvis Costello - In Another Room

Yesterday in the morning I went up to Leadville with Jeff, Dan, Jamie, and Gary to play disc golf. A few days before I had scraped my left foot when driving because I was wearing jandals. It hurt so badly walking around in my shoes yesterday at Leadville and now my toe looks infected. I am treating it and hopefully I don't have to hit up a doctor...

Anyway, I worked all afternoon and evening and got so much done. It feels really good to get so much done sometimes.

The weather is beautiful today and I am going to go for a ride. I will try to make it farther than Jeff and I did a few days ago. I also want to call Red Sky. It is a golf course in Edwards which hires caddies. I want to try to get a job caddying part time.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Back in the Sonnenalp library

So, I am back at the Sonnenalp's library to work. I like it here. The lighting is nice and the music is ok and it is rather quiet. This morning Jeff and I went for a bike ride up through East Vail. We started climbing a big hill and I was paid. It was too much for me. I thought I had been acclimated, but apparently not. I got a slight headache from acute altitude sickness, so we turned around and rode home. I will have to make it farther next time!

Anyway... here is a little lesson on CVS through an SSH tunnel through a firewall. I need to run CVS to a machine at my company which has our CVS server on it. I will use some fake names to spare the innocent computers.

The configuration is my local machine, Vail, needs to connect to the cvs server on Sheep which is behind a firewall, Aotearoa. The cvsroot is /sheep/cvsroot on Sheep. The username on all the machine will be avanti and the company name is etech.

1. First make a public/private key pair on Vail. If you want a passphrase go ahead, but I recommend not having one so that you can log in without typing anything password.
$ ssh-keygen -t dsa

2. Copy this public key to Aotearoa and then add it to the authorized keys on that machine.
$ scp .ssh/id_dsa.pub avanti@aotearoa.etech.com:.
$ ssh avanti@aotearoa.etech.com
$ cat id_dsa.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys

3. Still logged into Aotearoa, copy it to Sheep, and add it to the authorized keys.

$ scp ~/id_dsa.pub avanti@sheep:.
$ ssh avanti@sheep
$ cat id_dsa.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys

4. Logout of Sheep and Aotearoa. All the rest of the configuration will be done on Vail.

5. Now we will add an SSH host to make this a little easier. Open ~/.ssh/config in your favorite editor and add this to the file:
Host etechcvs
User avanti
HostName localhost
Port 2222

6. Now comes the actual forwarding. Open ~/.bashrc in your favorite editor and add some aliases so the typing doesn't suck as much:
alias startcvs="ssh avanti@aotearoa.etech.com -L 2222:sheep:22 -f sleep 28800"

7. Add a few environment variables so that CVS knows what the heck is going on. CVS_RSH is the program to use and CVSROOT is where the cvsroot exists.
export CVS_RSH=ssh
export CVSROOT=:ext:etechcvs:/sheep/cvsroot

Now you should have it all set up so that port 2222 on Vail is forwarded to port 22 (SSH) on Sheep and you are tunnelling right through Aotearoa. You just have to run it.
$ startcvs

After running that you will have a tunnel set up for the next 8 hours. It forked as a new process so you can even log out of your current shell if you desire. Running CVS should be normal now, so to checkout a module named src:
$ cvs co src

Good luck!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Vail weekend it was

Current music: Elvis Costello - Nothing Clings Like Ivy

Yesterday was a full day! We ended up playing disc golf in the evening. I was soooo tired by the time we finished. I slept like a baby this morning until about 9:30am.

Here is a shot Jeff took yesterday of Tasha and I ripping up the Gore Creek bike path:

Today we practiced our putting in the morning outside, then Jeff had to go to work. I went for a bike ride for a while and stopped in at Eagle Valley Music and got a few new CDs. I got Elvis Costello's Delivery Man and Modest Mouse's The Fruit That Ate Itself. I am stoked to find a good store!

Here is a shot of me dropping it into the basket like it's hot:

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Need more stamina

Current music: PGA Tour on TV

Last night after work Jeff, Jamie, and I went to Eagle to play some disc golf. I had +11 which is pretty good for my second game ever... Jeff had -1. It was sick.

This morning Jeff and I went longboarding and Dan went for a road ride down around Avon and Beaver Creek. After longboarding with the dog for 2 hours Tasha was done. Jeff and I then each went for separate road rides. He went up to Vail Pass (and probably over to Frisco) and I went up to East Vail, then down to Lionshead. My legs are so cooked right now after doing so much doggy-boarding and biking.

I think Jeff, Jamie, and I are going to do some more disc golf tonight.

I was meant to go to Boulder today I thought. Maybe I was mistaken and I was meant to go tomorrow. Either way I wanna get a hold of Meg...

Friday, May 20, 2005

I haven't seen the sun for days uncut

Current music: The Gloria Record - Good Morning, Providence

The weather has been a ripper. It is over 80 today and sunny as. Girls are out and I love it.

This morning Dan and I went down to Avon to do some shopping. He needed a video card and I needed batteries for my bike computer. We managed to get everything we needed and I came back and went to work.

I managed to also get CVS working remotely through a firewall. Loves it. That's hot!

Nearly done with work and then I am gonna go play. Probably go biking a bit since I haven't in the past few days. I am pretty sore from snowboarding yesterday, but it feels good. Here is another sequence of Jeff from yesterday:

Thursday, May 19, 2005

A-Basin yet again

Current music: The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It

Dat's right. Jeff and I went up to A-Basin for another session today. Some quick pics for y'all...

Me ripping off the Mutha-Hucka jump:

Jeff with a big bad boardslide:

Here is a sequence of Jeff from Tuesday (might take a little while for your computer to download it... give it time:

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I am now a disc golfer

Last night Jeff and I played with Tasha after work then went to the Sandbar and played some pool. Jeff needs to dust off his skills and I need to make the simple shots. Tasha managed to get her head into the sleeve of a fleece and looked like an ant-eater:

This morning Jeff and I played some disc golf at the Frisco course. I had never played before, but after Jeff gave me a crash course I ended up with a birdie on 16.

I am pro:

Jeff can putt:

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Video nation baby...

I am not going to leave these videos up for long because they take too much space on my webserver. Down them while you can!

Me doing a 50-50 to frontside out on a rail at A-Basin this morning

Jeff doing a boardslide to frontside 360 out also at A-Basin this morning

For some reason the images from the last post are not showing in Bloglines... hmmm...

A-basin in the morning... work in the arvo

Jeff and I went up to A-Basin this morning for some riding before work in the arvo. It was a bit crunchy up there, but the rails were pretty fun:

Lenny with a 50-50 to frontside out

Jeff with a big boardslide

Monday, May 16, 2005

Sleep is for kawa drinkers

That picture of the Sonnenalp library I promised... this is where I worked today:

Working again

Current music: Sirius satellite radio at the Sonnenalp

Waiting for somethings to download for work and here I am working again. But now, I am in Vail. I am using the King's Club at the Sonnenalp for internet. Very nice here. Awesome couches and free refreshments. All the coffee I can drink is certainly going to make me productive.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

This is pretty serious

Current music: Ben Harper - The Woman in You

Qatar to make 300,000 barrels of sythetic diesel per day

Hungry and worn out

Current music: Tasha barking at nothingness

Jeff and I got up this morning and headed out to the Gilman Canyon with his friend Chelsea and two other people. We were originally going to do some bouldering, but they decided to do some rockclimbing instead. It was a good time! I need to get some new rockclimbing shoes and a harness though. Maybe this week...

Here are a few pictures we took:

Gilman Canyon

Jeff doing it to it

Lenny climbing in sneakers

Tasha helping Jeff

Saturday, May 14, 2005

More pictures, more pictures

Current music: Elliott Smith - Punch and Judy

Well, I took a photo the first day I woke up in Vail when it was all snowy outside. Haven't posted it yet, so here it is, it is the view out Jeff and Dan's living room window:

Jeff and I went out doggy-boarding today with Tasha. We took some video too. Maybe I will post that at some point, but for now here are a few photos:

longboarding rocks me

Current music: Outkast - Xplosion

Just got back from longboarding. We headed out at about noon and ate at La Cantina then just rode since then. The dog is paid out I think, but she is still outside playing disc golf with Jeff. For me it is nearing nap time I think.
Current music: Jimmy Eat World - Futures

Dan and I went for a bike ride last night before eating dinner at La Cantina. Really good Mexican there. I finally got Libranet installed and I am posting from that right now. I just need to get ALSA working and we will be all set...

This morning I went out for a bike ride by myself p to East Vail. Jeff was going to Vail Pass, but I am not yet acclimated or in shape enough to conquer that one. When Jeff gets back I think we are going to take Tasha longboarding. That is always fun times. I will have to bring my camera this time and get some doggy-boarding action shots.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Paid the dog out

Current music: Elliott Smith - Waltz #2

Tasha is whooped. I just got back from taking her all around the village on my longboard. She is sound asleep now and I can get some things done on this computer. I have given up on Gentoo... too much work. I downloaded and installed Ubuntu, but I really dislike the no root user thing it has going. I am gonna just rely on my old stable Libranet.

This morning Jeff and I drove to Glenwood Springs because he needed radiator fluid and VWs only take stupid VW fluid. It was cool though. The Glenwood Canyon is beautiful and we got to hang out in the Vapor Caves. They are so cool... Like huge steam rooms that are actually caves.

Anyway, I promised pictures. My new photos from out here in Vail, Colorado will be at http://cotton.is.dreaming.org/vail, so bookmark that!

When Jeff and I hit up Arapahoe Basin yesterday we had excellent weather:

Jeff and I got close on the lift for this pic:

There was even enough snow to rock the East Wall:

Vail is rocking pretty good

Current music: Something on Jeff's iTunes

Dan and I had quite a drive out here. It was a lot of fun. In Denver I picked up a computer for work and then we met up with Jeff and Ryan in downtown for lunch. After that we hit up the passes to Vail.

That night, after unpacking my car, we went for a bit of a bike ride.

On Wednesday I ran a lot of errands. I had to get things done like getting a bank account, faxing a bunch of stuff to work, look for an apartment, etc... I found one place that I like in Sandstone. Not sure how that will go. Waiting to find out if Jeff and Dan like the 3 bedroom places in Middle Creek Vail and if we will move into that one together. Jeff and I headed over to Avon and he got a longboard. That night Jeff and I longboarded the Vail village with Tasha, his Australian Shepard puppy.

Yesterday Jeff and I took off in the morning for A-Basin. We rode there all morning, but the cloud started coming in around lunch time so we took off. Went to Frisco for some coffee and longboarded there shortly. In the evening I started setting up my computer for work. I am going to try running Gentoo on it. X is compiling right now actually...

Today, Dan is working then heading to Denver. Jeff and I are going to go to Glenwood because he needs VW radiator fluid for his TDI Jetta and we will hang out in the hotsprings there I guess.

This text browser is not real condusive to throwing in links and photos. Those will come soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I need a break

It has been pretty full on since I left Rochester and it isn't stopping tomorrow. A-Basin snowboarding in the morning. Goodnight.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

So... this is new

My grandpa's car sold on eBay for $2175. However, the guy who bought it is freaking out because I was told there was no rust, so that is how I advertised it. Apparently there is rust. We are giving him back $500, but we shouldn't give him anything. He picked up the car and paid cash and drove it away. It should be done and over.

So I am leaving on Monday morning and I have so much packing to do. Time to get down to business! I put my bike rack and snowboard rack on my car today. I love it. It's hot.

Went to the Amerks game last night with Jeff and Stacia. That was fun.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Last weekend in Rochester

Tuesday night I met Todd out a the bar with his friend Rob. Marissa and Monique came too and we shot darts for a while then I went with the girls to Mark's Hots for breakfast.

Dan and I went to Buffalo yesterday to mee up with Jeff Hopper. We went out to dinner to the Saigon Cafe on Elmwood for some Thai food and some other people came. Beth, Mark, Kris, Frank, and Ben all came as did Jeff's friend Kevin and Kris's girlfriend Sarah. After dinner we all went to the Pink and hung out for a while.

This morning Dan and I met up with Jeff (my cousin) at Timmy Ho's for coffee and bagels then Dan and I drove back to Rochester. I had a busy day after that... I took to the dog for a walk, went for a short bike ride, hit up the mall to get my new glasses, met up with Monique at the hair salon in the mall, cooked dinner for the rents, and hit golf balls at the driving range with my dad. Like, whoa.

Not sure what is up for tonight. Monique is gonna give me a call later on and fill me in on what is happening, but I am not heading back to Buffalo with them if they are going there.

That is the recap of my life for the past few days. Bye.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

loving Green Day since 1995

Current music: Green Day - American Idiot

Last night Dan came over. He flew in from Denver in the afternoon. We went out to Lola's again with Marissa, Monique, and Sara. Pretty fun, but Dan and I went home early. He was really tired after having a long day of travelling.

I guess my wheel is coming in tomorrow. I called today about it and the guy said it has been shipped and he will have it about 11am tomorrow. Sweet! I think Dan and I are gonna go to Buffalo tomorrow to hang out with Hopper.

Monday, May 02, 2005


My birthday went well. Had dinner with the family again. My mom made a chicken pasta salad thing that I love and icecream cake... Hmmm... I should go have some of that now.

Just when I was going to sit down and watch Desperate Housewives, Monique called. Then Marissa called within the next 10 seconds. Now I have two girls both wanting to hang out. Love it. Monique didn't wanna come hang out until much later so Marissa and I went to see Melinda and Melinda at The Little. It was good. I enjoyed it. Rather artistic and fun.

After the movie we hit up Lola's on Monroe and then Monique showed up way later on. Ended up getting plates at Mark's. Ha, had to do that when in Rochester huh? Actually, I got French toast, but then ate most of Marissa's plate.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sweetest picture

This is the best picture I have seen in sooo long. I think Kris took it on Lake Erie this winter...


Went out for dinner last night for my birthday to Hogan's Hideaway. Kris came up from Buffalo. After dinner we came home and then later on Kris and I went to the Blue Room to play some pool and meet up with Monique, except she never came. Instead Marissa showed up a little after midnight. Pretty crazy seeing her.