Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Frostbite - day 2

Well, this morning the blisters were back. I went to work and told them what was up then went to the medical center. I have this Bag Balm I have to put on it now. I guess it is normally used to keep cows udders from getting chapped and cracking. They sent me home from work early in hopes it will heal a bit by tomorrow.

Frostbite day one:

Frostbite day two:

Monday, November 28, 2005

Frostbite is bad times

Went out riding today with Dan and Jamie. Somehow I lost them in the woods, but it was cool because I already had gotten mild frostbite on my left cheek below my goggles and needed to shorten up my stance. It was the first day I rocked the new board which Jamie has nicknamed the Rocket.

Went down to Christy Sports and bought a balaclava to keep my head, neck, and face warm and fixed my stance and met up with Hulsey. We headed back up the mountain and took some more turns with the other guys. So random, Jamie and I ran into my brother and his buddy Patrick in the woods in Game Creek...

After riding we got some lunch at Red Lion where there were teletubbies drinking coffee:

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Most uneventful day

Probably gonna go to bed soon. I really love sleeping lately. Hulsey called me to ride tomorrow. Dan, Jamie and I are gonna head up early and Hulsey will meet us up there shortly after. Tomorrow will be my first day on my new setup. I hope there is finally enough snow up there to rock that thing without hitting rocks. Just finished waxing and dialing in my new bindings. Ready to rip... TRS style.

New setup = 05' Nitro Naturals 161, Solomon SPX4 bindings, and Solomon F22 boots. I have already been rocking the boots, but the board and bindings...no. Old pic of new stuff:

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fun day except for the working part

Got some turns in the morning before heading down valley to hang out with a darling girl. Then I had to go to work. Boo on that...

There was so much fresh corduroy on the mountain this morning:

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving from Vail

Hulsey, Nick, and I met up at the French Deli in Lionshead this morning for some chow. We wanted to go to McCadam's, but they were closed. Took some runs then Nick needed to fix his board so he ran home and Hulsey and I sat at the Red Lion on the sun deck and had drinks with two cute girls Jeff knows.... By drinks I mean water and coffee of course. Nick came back with a completely different setup... Not even the same board. So funny...

Working tonight. We will probably have turkey in the cafeteria. Ha, Hulsey and I ate lunch at La Cantina... Mexican on Thanksgiving.

I'm still kinda bummed.

View of the Gore Range on this lovely Thanksgiving Day:

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Beaver Creek's opening day

Not a bad day with the bluebird skies and all. Met up with Hulsey, Jamie, and Spencer and took a few runs. I had to leave early to get to work, but that's ok because the pow got played early. We need another storm.

View of the Gore Range from Beaver Creek:

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Feeling so good now. I like this whole working in the arvo dealy. I get to rip in the mornings and pull down bling in the evenings. Hulsey and I went out for a solid half day on the fast fast morning groomers:

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Sean and I met Ryan at the lift this morning to take some early runs. Sean and I are a bit haggard from several full days of riding in a row, but we got up there for 4 runs or so today.

Sean and Ryan will never learn will they?

Me charging through the trees at a small cliff band:

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Vail Mountain Day 2

So... just finished day 2 at Vail and day 4 of the season. Meghan came up from Denver with Gregg . Gregg went to Copper today, but Meg rode with us. They are staying at my house tonight and hitting up the hot tub. Oh, that is gonna feel good. Still finding plenty of powder stashed in the trees. We have our secrets... Eh, just ask and we will tell you though.

Meg and I heading up chair 3: (looks like I must have just taken a pow dive judging by the snow on the gogs)

One-piece couple of the day:

Update: I was informed that it is not snow on my goggles but just glare. In other words I am a ripper who never falls off my snowboard.

Friday, November 18, 2005

opening day suckas

Yesterday was a sweet day. My first day actually doing my real job instead of training and not doing anything but sitting in a room. Went over to a super cute girl's house at night. ;)

Today was opening day for Vail Mountain and of course I had to work 6am to 2pm. Dave and I got out early and went up on the mountain to rip with some of his buddies. I took a few good diggers which is to be expected on opening day I guess. Apparently, people are saying this was the best opening day in many years. 48" of pow in the past week and bluebird skies today...

Meghan is coming up from Denver tomorrow and I am stoked to ride with her. Hulsey and I are gonna hit it up early then meet up with Meg and maybe Spencer later on... Call if you feel like an easy day tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Rip this

So, Vail Mtn is claiming 42" at Mid-Vail in the past week. When I got outta work today Sean and I snowshoed up about 3/4 of the way to Mid-Vail and dropped it like it was hot. There was at least 2 feet of freshies all the way to the bottom. We even saw Santa Claus up there. Watch the Vail Trail for more Santa pics... He was on a photo shoot.

Sean got warm on the way up and shed some layers:

I didn't know Santa was a ripper:

Sean battling some pow:

Me playing in over two feet of fresh chowder:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Casolar Mountain Lab (part 2)

So the rail in my backyard is totally dialed. We received 29" of snow so far this storm according to the news channel and we are expecting 4-8 over the night. My plans fell through for the night because of the snow and I am bummed. Managed to turn the night around and have fun though. Hit the rail, then took Nick's Jeep through the snow and treachery to Altitude to get some wings, play some pool, and watch the football game.

Jeff and Nick hanging out in the Casolar Mountain Lab:

Predator view of the CML:

Am I actually dancing on the rail?:

Jeff getting a little crunked up at Altitude:

Monday, November 14, 2005


Went in to work this morning for orientation. I start tomorrow. Should be sweet and some big money. I was talking to the GM and he asked what I am gonna be doing and when I told him bellman he said, "that is where the big money is." Not bad thing to hear.

More snow fell last night which means we are gonna get out and work on the Casolar Mountain Lab a bit more this arvo. More pics on the way...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Casolar Jib Experiment (photos)

The guys came over tonight and we built the first rail... Then Hulsey hit it up. It got too dark to do anything more so we hopped in the hottub. Tomorrow we will do some more work on the park that is my backyard.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Breckenridge for breakfast

Hulsey, Nick, and I went over to Breckenridge this morning for a little session. It got too croweded so we hung out in the rail park for a while instead of doing the lift lines. I can't wait for powder... The park will become a thing of the past once the pow hits. Anyway, this is what came out:

Me hucking over the rail:

Jeff on the rail:

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Ok, gonna try leaving cotton.is.dreaming.org for this one instead. We'll see how it works. Consolidation in key.

Yesterday was such a sweet day. My first day of the season and the day we finally got a new hot tub cover. Sean and I weren't heating that thing because the cover wasn't really doing anything. Now we can use it again! Yesssssssss.

A-Basin was cool. I rode my old Lib Tech and it's a good thing. I managed to hit quite a few rocks and that would not be good on my new board. Did a lot of cruising in the morning, then hit a few rails in the arvo.

Me on the rail: sequence shot
Jeff on the rail: sequence shot
Nick on the rail: sequence shot

Yesterday's crew:

Sean with the stale fish:

Sean keeping it real:


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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New job

Current music: Mew - Circuitry of the Wolf

Today I was hired as the new bellman at the Lodge at Vail. I know how proud you are of me. This will get me a free pass and a lot of snowboarding.

This morning I went hiking with Amy and her dog. We did the Buffehr Creek section of the North Trail.

I am so stoked for the season. New gear (still need a new helmet, avalanche beacon, and shovel):

Not included: new Burton backpack

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sandbar and Buffehr Creek

Current music: Outkast - Love Hater

Last night I went out with Jeff, Nick, and Brian and met some girls out at Altitude. We proceeded to The George for a little while then the Sandbar for reggae night. Jeff was so stoked about this guy passed out at the bar at Sandbar:

This morning I was meant to go hiking with one of the girls we met out last night. Haven't heard from her, so instead I went for a bike ride with Tasha. We went up to the top of Buffehr Creek Road where Jeff and I rode yesterday because I wanted to get some pictures from up there:

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Buffehr Creek road ride

Current music: The White Stripes - As Ugly As I Seem

Hulsey showed up at my house a little while ago with Tasha and his bike. I decided to go ride with those fools and we went up Buffehr Creek Road all the way to the top. I've never riden up there before, but I don't know why. It is incredible. I will have to go up there again and bring my camera next time!

Tonight we are heading to Altitude to eat wings and watch some football...

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Slacking again

Current music: Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass

Ok, so here is my update... finally. I am back in Vail and loving life. I am unemployed and just big chillin'. I have applied for a few jobs this week and it looks like I am going to be offered 3 of them (the only ones I have interviewed for so far). The Lodge at Vail wants to hire me for bellman or front desk. The Vail Marriott wants me for conceirge. Sweet huh? I am waiting to hear back definite offers.

Yesterday I went over to Silverthorne to hit up Mountain Sports Outlet for some new pants. I got the 2006 Burton AK Cargo Pant. I am so stoked on my gear for the season. I still need a few things for backcountry though (avalanche beacon, shovel, probe).

We got some snow today... Check out the situation on my porch this morning: