Sunday, April 30, 2006

New times = good times

Went up to Vail this weekend. I got to play a little disc golf with Hulsey in Eagle and then this morning I came back here to Denver. When I got back I hit up Bump 'n' Grind with Kris, Laura, and Kris. This place is amazing. I am going to take any visitors to Denver to this place for breakfast.

After brekkie Kris and I went to Aurora to play some disc golf at the Expo Park course. It was really windy and so tough to play, but it would have been an easy course otherwise.

Tomorrow Carmine's on Penn is closed because it is always closed on Mondays. Damn! That is where we were going to go for my birthday dinner. Instead we are switching it up and hitting Casa Bonita! Yeah yeah!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Kubiak is here!

Kubiak and Laura have made it! Kris came in on Wednesday night, but I was in bed by the time he arrived. Yesterday I met up with them for lunch for some really sweet Philly Cheese Steaks. Then, after work, Kris came out to Westminster to play a round of disc golf at the Westminster City Course After throwing down a sweet game we went back to the city and got dinner at Chipotle.


So sweet to have those characters out here!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Link to non-flash photo journal

In the first blog about my 2005-2006 Snowboarding Photo Journal, I linked to a flash-based slideshow. Here is the link for that... Flash Slideshow

As per popular request, here is the link for the non-flash journal:
2005-2006 Snowboarding Photo Journal


Finally got around to taking a picture of my new house! I am closing on it on the 5th of May, so it's not quite mine yet...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

2005-2006 Snowboarding Photo Journal

This album is made up of one photo from each day I went snowboarding during the season. Check it out!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Closing Day @ Vail

Yesterday was the last day of the season at Vail. We went out in some seriously steezy clothing and killed it on the mountain.

Nicole's snowboarding outfit:

Hulsey's ventilation one-piece:

Ryan and Nicole steezing it out on the lift:

Nicole throwing down and indy grab over the sign jump while rockin' a dress:

Party at Belle's Camp:

Nicole, Nick, and Ryan killing with their fashion:

Ryan at Belle's Camp:

Nicole and Ryan basking in the reflection of my goggles:

Belle's Camp at Blue Sky Basin:

Top of Chair 4 at 4pm:

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Last night at Meadowlark

Last night just when I got in bed Ryan called. He had decided to hit up Meadowlark with me after all. Meadowlark is the location of the Secret Society of Sound which is presented by Denver3/Lipgloss every Tuesday night. Turned out to be pretty sweet...

The bar is in a fairly ghetto location on the north side of the city. We were super shocked to walk in there and see quite a few people. Apparently it is a new bar which is smoke-free, so that is always cool as. The music was kickass and the girls in there were adorable too.

We have decided to make this our new Tuesday night steez...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2 days of work gone

So today was my second day at work at Crosswalk. Things are going well there. I am really enjoying living in Denver. Last night I went for a bike ride from Meghan's place in Wash Park to REI on the border of Highlands.

After work today I had to go downtown to sign some papers for my house and on the way I could see downtown ahead of me to the left and the Rocky Mountain Front Range to my right. It was all sunny above me, but dark clouds had formed to the east over the planes and the city looked incredible with the sun shining from the mountains on the tall buildings with the dark clouds behind them. It is actually a quite common site here and that is when I realized that I am really gonna love it here. Driving home from work with those views every day is incredible. Ahhh... Denver.

Tonight Ryan and I are probably gonna go check out the Lipgloss function. Should be a good time...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Malay Day

Today was Malay Day in honor of Josh Malay... Serious pipe, rail, and qp jam went on with at least a 500 person turnout. Good food, good riding! Tonight there is a concert and then after party is at Art's Bar. Anyone in the high country needs to show up...

Some dude steezing up the rail jam:

Rob Bach killing it on the wallride with a watermelon purse errrr manbag:

Peters showing his skills in the railjam:

Read the shirts:

Apres Ski at my house:

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Beautiful sunny day and my pass still works

I was supposed to shred with Hulsey today and do some filming in the park, but he didn't have his phone on him and we didn't meet up until about noon. Sean showed his face in the park too and even took a halfpipe run... Great day in the pipe! I hiked in there most of the day, but took a few runs with Sean and Hulsey through the hits and rails.

Me destroying the halfpipe:

Sean being rediculous out of bounds and dropping it like it's hot:

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Shredding and Housing

The past few days I got to shred with Ryan. He got a snew nowboard and we had a blast destroying the park in the spring slush.

Yesterday after shredding I drove down to Denver to look at some homes. I found one I am super stoked on and put in a bid on it. Today I found out that I probably can't get it because the slacker seller hasn't been paying his mortgage the past few months. Ugh...

Ryan's flash moves:

Me backside boardsliding a small box:

Friday, April 07, 2006

One foot of fresh snow

The snow went quick but I managed to get up on the mountain half asleep this morning to do some sleepy steezing. Incredible late season powder day!

Hulsey's rooster tail in Sheer Terror trees:

Monday, April 03, 2006

Pubisak is here

So Kris showed up in Denver yesterday. Been chilling around with Meghan and staying at Ryan and Elena's place. I wanted to do some biking today, but the weather was kinda cold and cloudy in the morning so I didn't, but we got to play some disc golf in the afternoon. Kris, Ryan, and I each lost a disc so we ended up calling the game quits and going home. Tomorrow I am planning to do some bike riding while Kris is at the job fair. He has four interviews so that will keep him busy!