Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Kris-mas-stache Bash

The party got off slowly, but really packed a punch. Mustaches were beautiful. Thank you to everyone who wore mustaches, brought ornaments for our tree, and brought gifts to put under the tree. Kris, Stacia, and I opened them this morning and loved it!

Ah, winter in the Dirty D

Been having some good experiences lately. Gunther came to Denver. This was not only magical, but beautiful... look - he is just as pretty in real life as in his pictures:

Then there was the Critical X-Mass ride. Christmas lights by bike... there is no better way:

Jason freezing his fingers off

Julie at the Botanical Gardens

The Critical X-Mass crew

Then there is the Hot IQs and D. Biddle Christmas party at the Bluebird Theatre. Rob dressed up in his bunny suit and made the whole night:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Wrestle Dogs

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday so I went to Vail to spend the weekend with him and Melanie. Nick was there too to we hit the mountain and all the fresh snow. We all got dressed up in one piece suits and sweet 80's ski clothing asa celebration. As of Sunday morning, Vail was reporting 30 inches since Thursday! Not a bad storm huh? Blue Sky Basin had only opened for about 1 hour on Saturday for the first opening of the season due to a lift failure. We went there and got some serious freshies as can be seen in the videos and photos below...

I dropped this line in Tea Cup Bowl during my first run:

Jeff can really throw down some edge:

I tore some snow apart under Pete's Express in Blue Sky Basin:

Jeff did some good gaping in his one piece:

Rails for gapers: