Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Early Photos are Better Photos

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Got up early this morning (5am) to head out and take some photos. This is the best one I got, but it looks like the focus was a touch out:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tomatoes are getting bigger

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The tomatoes are really coming along. I have had numerous ripe ones now and there are many more coming!

The Skate-Bike

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Yesterday afternoon I went up to Emage to hang out the the Skate-Bike. The race was pretty sweet and Sam ran away with the PBR pickup as usual.

Jacob at the 23rd & Federal checkpoint:

Frye not getting hit by the bus:

PBR pickup:

More photos here.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

City Park on a Saturday

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My scooter is back in working order so I decided to go ride around and take photos. I ended up at City Park:

More photos...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quandary Peak

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A few years ago Jeff and I climbed Quandary Peak. Today Koura and I returned and conquered it again with Shaun and Stacy. More photos here.

About 1/3 the way to the top:

Mountain goat:

The 4 of us at 14,265 (4348m) feet above sea level:

View from the top:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tomato plant!

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The roma tomato plant I have been growing in my backyard is getting huge. I have gotten 3 tomatoes off it so far, but the plant is nearly 8 feet tall.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Learning Aperture2

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I have been spending some quality time with Aperture2 and I figured out that all these images I have been posting on my blog I have been doing incorrectly. I need to be exporting them as RGB JPEGs, but I have been using sRGB. Web browsers don't like this and I end up with washed out images. I have been wondering why my images I post to the web always look washed out. See the difference?

exported using sRGB:

exported using Generic RGB:

And now with some new editing techniques:

I think I am going to go back and fix some recently posted images...
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The beauty of Vail's North Trail system:

Buffher Creek in Vail

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Last night I went with about half the JCMs to see Labyrinth at Red Rocks (part of the Film on the Rocks series). Immediately after, Shaun and I drove to Vail. We got there about 12:45am and hit the sack. This morning we rode with Mel and Jeff up Red Sandstone Road to a steep little single track that took us to Red & White Road. From there we climbed up above Sandstone and then dropped the Buffher Creek section of the North Trail into Vail. What a ride!

View of the Gore Range from Red & White Road:

Jeff riding some sick single track at about 10,000 feet above sea level:

Shaun feeling like a champion with a view of Vail Mountain behind him:

Shaun enjoying the aspen trees and wildflowers:

More and more biking

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Lately Shaun and I have really been hitting the trails hard. Unfortunately my hard drive died and I lost most of the photos I have taken since the beginning of June, but here are some very recent ones from Tuesday. Shaun and I rode the Chimney Gulch trail from Golden to the top of Lookout Mountain. Grueling, but a great ride.

The view about half way up:

Shaun nearing the top:

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fashion show on Colfax

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Last weekend I went to a little fashion show on Colfax outside The Shoppe, Fabric Lab and Plastic Chapel.

Dumptruck got his pose on:

There were numerous topless girls:

And Jen had to throw some poses in even though she wasn't in the show:

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mountain Biking - Davos Hill

This morning I got up and felt super lazy. Finally at about 11am Mel and I decided to go out for a ride in the mid-day sun. We chose a short one and did the Davo Hill in West Vail. Great ride, great views.

Mountain Biking - Vail (with Shaun)

Shaun finally made it out to the Rockies to do some mountain biking and this time we hit up Vail Mountain. We rode up the Vail Village Road to Eagle's Nest. On the way down we started on Upper Fireweed then when we got to Mid Vail we hopped on the new, rather off camber, Fred's Lunch. From there we got a little Gitalong Road and the Liondown back to the village.

After lunch, a shower, and a short nap Melanie and I took the dogs over to the gondola to head up to Friday Afternoon Club at Eagle's Nest.

More photos here.

The riding crew at Eagle's Nest:

The dogs at FAC:

Koura in the gondola:

Friday, July 04, 2008

Video of Shaun mountain biking

Some seriously nasty terrain, bu Shaun kicked its ass:

Mountain Biking near Evergreen with Shaun

Yesterday Shaun and I went up to Evergreen to try out his new bike on some single track. We did the Bergen Peak trail. It was hard and Shaun was glad he had a full suspension bike. The 10 miles at 7800-9700 ft did us well. More photos here.

Shaun pumping those legs:

The view at a good break spot about 1/2 way up:

Hiking the Flatirons with Stacy

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A few weeks ago Stacy and I hiked the Flatirons in Boulder. Koura got to carry my water and hers. More photos here.

View of Boulder:

Koura having a quick drink:

Son of Middle Creek

Last weekend I went for a mountain bike ride in Vail with Jeff and Melanie. We rode the Son of Middle Creek section of Vail's North Trail system. It is an easy uphill climb on Red Sandstone Road, but a rather technical downhill on the North Trail, so we took Koura and Tasha with us. More photos here.

The riders:

Riding with Koura in hot pursuit:

Sweet, sweet single track:

The dogs cooling off:

Tetris League

Shaun is finally here to join Stacy. We hit up Tetris League on Wednesday evening for some good times. After TL, Stacia and I found the Denver Cruisers and did some cruising with them.

Shaun flexing his Tetris muscles:

Andy is not the "Creepy Lurker", but he could have fooled me:

Stacia and Vinnie preparing for their match:

Stacia after the Cruise:

Dad's Retirement Party

A few weeks ago I went to Rochester to see my parents and go to my dad's retirement party. Of course, it was his last Friday to howl so we stopped there too and witnessed it. More photos here.