Saturday, December 31, 2011

9 course meal on a boat

There were many great things about the Galaxy Cruise in Ha Long Bay, but one of them was the food. I have to say, it was way to much food, but it was all excellent. Dinner was a 9 course meal!

Dad and I has been enjoying the beers of Vietnam:

The shrimp arrangement was good, but the red chile pepper flower is not edible:

Chicken skewers with a rose made of cucumber and tomato:

Beef on a bed of noodles surrounded by a heart of cucumber:

Lexey says we need to buy a mandolin.

A Night on the Galaxy Cruise

After the cave tour we did a little kayaking before night fell. It was a short paddle around, but we went through a little floating fishing village.

Lexey and Lenny on the water:

Sweet dog laying Dow. In her floating bed:

As night fell the lights on the other boats in the bay all came on and the sound of generators echoed through Ha Long Bay:

Darkness fell:

Surprising Cave

Part of our tour on the Galaxy Cruise in Ha Long Bay included a cave tour of Surprise Cave. The walk up to the cave is mostly steps and then once you are there the cave is really large. We spent a total of about 40 minutes touring the cave. The 3rd room is the real surprise. See if you can spot the surprise in these photos.

Walking up to the cave you get a great view of Ha Long Bay:

Pool of water in the first room:

Lexey and I in the 2nd room:

The 3rd room, surprise:

Looking back through the 3rd room:

Friday, December 30, 2011

Jumping on the Galaxy Cruise

Of course there needed to be some jumping shots on the Galaxy Cruise...

Hopping on the Galaxy Cruise

Stacia arranged for us to go on the "Galaxy Cruise" at Ha Long Bay. It was about a 4 hour bus trip there in an uncomfortable bus, but worth it. My parents got the honeymoon suite.

On the ferry boat out to the real boat:

The honeymoon couple:

The armada of boats heading out for cruises:

Lexey and Lenny enjoying the trip:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello Hanoi!

We came back to Saigon for about a day. Lexey arrived and we had a nice Christmas day, then it was off to Hanoi in the morning. I found Hanoi to be a beautiful city, but the people were not quite as friendly as in HCMC. Also, everything is considerably more expensive.

Cart pulling in Hanoi:

Police taking a break by the famous Huc bridge in Hanoi:

Very well oaken care of buildings in Hanoi. The colors were great:

Hanoi telecom with the loudspeaker for morning announcements and reminders to work hard:

Another day, another temple

Checking out more temples around Angkor Wat...


Little girl playing on a vine swing:

Live Shiva painting:

Enjoying the day:

This temple was steep. End of story.

An evening in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Restaurant on a cart:

Big ass beers with Dad on Pub Street:

Siem Reap River at night:

Tuk-tuk ride:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Motorbike Riding

Bike on bike crime:

Baby aboard:

There is so much going on here I don't know where to start, so I will go left to right.
#1 - Girl driving is not watching the road and wearing ski goggles on her head.
#2 - Girl is wearing her hand as a pollution mask.
#3 - Boy is texting while driving.
#4 - Boy is talking to girl on next bike over while wearing real pollution mask.
#5 - While all this is happening, they are swerving all over the place and usually driving within 3 inches of each other.

Ta Prohm

The banyon trees are allowed to grow all over Ta Prohm. It gives this temple a rather unique look with the roots looking like they are dripping down over the walls and stones.

First crazy tree over the temple after the entrance:

Walking through:

Dripping roots:

We were lucky that there were so few people at the temples. Took a while, but finally got this with nobody around:

Yup, I am really here:

Pre Rup Temple

In Pre Rup we had a bit of a guide. He loved showing us all the fun things of the temple.

The cover shot of the Cambodia Lonely Planet:

Fun natural framing shot:

Giant spider:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Things on Cambodian Bikes

People carry the darnedest things.

Everything but a bike and a live pig:

2 live pigs:

At least 1 bicycle:

Children of Cambodia

All the children here are beautiful. I took my friend Yoav's advice and tried to go to the Angkor Hospital for Children, but we couldn't get in. They require volunteers sign up 9 months in advance.