Saturday, January 07, 2012

Trip to Bến Thành Market

Back in Ho Chi Minh City, we had a few more days to explore before heading home. One of the days we made a trip to Bến Thành Market. It turned out to be very productive. Lexey got new glasses, I got a new t-shirt, etc...

The meats hanging in the air with a barefoot lady slicing some (look for her toes):

Pretty arrangements of beans, rice, and other baking needs:

Eating lunch among the fabrics:

We did actually get 3 on a motorbike:

Back in Hanoi

After another long uncomfortable bus ride, we were back in Hanoi. Our flight wasn't for several more hours. We decided to go walk around, find candy shop street, and get dinner.

We came across a wedding with fireworks and confetti:

Stacia and Dad got some street bread:

Found candy shop street:

Dad calls this "The New Yorker, East Rochester, Vietnam" after his daily breakfast joint, The New Yorker.

Cooking class on Galaxy Cruise

The Galaxy Cruise provides a cooking class where they teach you how to make Vietnamese fried spring rolls.

Stacia making spring rolls:

Mom making spring rolls:

Lexey making spring rolls:

The finished spring rolls and our tour guide, Nam:

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Views from the Galaxy Cruise

Lexey hanging her head out the window:

Beautiful boat:

Boats constantly in and out of Ha Long Bay:

The rock from the 200000 Vietnamese Dong note ($10):