Sunday, July 07, 2013

Afternoon walk in Da Nang

From Hue, Stacia and I took a train back to Da Nang and then had a day there before our morning flight back to HCMC. In Da Nang we found a nice western-style restaurant where all the employees are deaf. The woman running the place is trying to build a deaf community in Da Nang. It was called "Bread of Life". From there we walked back to our hotel. This is roughly the route we took:

More photos here.

Chinese Chess along the river:

Nuoc Mia (pressed sugar cane drink):

Dog riding a motorbike:

View from our hotel at night:

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Returning motorbikes in Hue

We rented our motorbikes in Hoi An and were dropping them off at 37 Ben Nghe in Hue. This should be hard, except there are at least 3 shops with that address... Eventually a guy came up to us from around the corner and asked if we were dropping off the bikes. We said yes and Stacia called the guy we rented it from to verify the drop-off man's name. And that was it. Weird.

The 3 shops:

Friday, July 05, 2013

Huế - The Imperial City

The Imperial City in Huế is a walled city with beautiful grounds. Stacia and I walked around inside it for a few hours.

More photos here.

Frangipani tree:

The Imperial City:

Art gallery in the Imperial City:

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Churchyard photo spin

Stacia and I stopped in one of the "churchyards" to have a snack, put on sunscreen, and take some photos. Here is Stacia getting some photos:

Time Lapse: Driving from Lang Co to Hue

Stacia and I drove from Lang Co to Hue, Vietnam. Completely amazing drive. We started off on the major highway going over 2 passes. They were insane. The traffic was insane. After missing our turn onto the less traveled route, we turned around and found it. Once we were on that it was much smoother. There were incredible temples and "church yards" (graveyards) everywhere. Total moving time was about 3 hours, but it took us about 5. We stopped several times to take in the beauty and re-lather the sunscreen.

Map of the drive:

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Exploring Lang Co and beyond

Lang Co was beautiful! Who knew it was going to be such a cool place. There was the floating seafood restaurant, there was the motorbike riding, there were churchyards, and there were temples.

This is the restaurant on the bridges:

Stacia passing: