Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 2 of sea kayaking in Abel Tasman

After a lovely night at Mosquito Bay Lexey and I started paddling towards Marahau. First things first, we hit up seal colony. After a few hours of paddling we stopped near Anchorage Bay at a tiny beach for a morning snack. From there we headed around the "Mad Mile" and then stopped for lunch at Apple Tree Bay. After a nice long lunch we headed the rest of the way in to Marahau to be picked up by the kayak rental people. While we were waiting there we realized that there were cockles all over the beach since it was low tide. Aided by a random beach dog, we started collecting some. I think we ended up with 3-4 dozen. Those ended up being dinner that night with a garlic and lemon sauce (lemons plucked from a tree) on fettuccine.

More photos with GPS maps here.

Fur seal having a good scratch:

Mid-morning break:

Lunch break:

After kayaking we took showers at the rental place and then started driving south. We came across a little brewery just outside Moteuka in Riwaka just right along the main road called Monkey Wizard so we stopped in for a tasting and ended up walking out with a 750 mL bottle of their limited edition Steampunk Ale.

That night we camped in the middle of nowhere. As we were setting up our campsite, some guy comes walking up to us and asks for some help. His car had died up the hill. I ended up driving him about 30 minutes towards Nelson in order to get mobile phone service. At that point I went back to a fully cooked meal of fettuccine in a fresh lemon & garlic sauce with cockles and a kinda freaked out Lexey. Weird night, but a great dinner with the Steampunk Ale from Monkey Wizard!

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