Friday, January 07, 2011

Yasawa Flyer from Denerau to Tavewa Island

It was going to be a sea plane with Turtle Airways, but our transportation turned out the be the Yasawa Flyer. There was a big storm coming through Fiji the day we were heading out the Yasawa Group. Turtle Airways wouldn't fly. The storm made the seas pretty rough. People were sick on the boat. Lexey and I pulled through with our dramamine. At one point they announced on the loud speaker that the seas would be very rough for the next 30 minutes, "Anyone feeling sick at this point should raise there hand and someone will come around with a bag." Most of the trip out there it was raining. I did manage to get some photos at a few islands though.

More photos with GPS maps here.

Little shuttle boat from the Yasawa Flyer to an island:

One of the little islands:

Arriving at Otto & Fanny's on Tavewa Island:

Our bure:

Lexey enjoying the hammock:

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