Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

So many people have heard about how our wedding plans got screwed up because of the floods in Estes Park, Lyons, and many of of the other nearby areas. Our changes were dramatic and quick, but not serious in the way the floods were. We are thankful that our friends and family were all able to remain safe.

Thursday evening we started re-planning the entire ordeal about 7:30pm. Shaun and Stacy were here to help which was great even though much of the time there wasn't anything for them to do but wait. By the following morning we had made hundreds of phone calls and lined up a few different options. It was time to make a decision. Lexey and I were both pretty frazzled. The stress and hectic nature of it all was wearing on our sleep deprived minds. We took a walk with Koura down to Cherry Creek to see how high the water was and make some decisions.

We picked the Arthaus for the rehearsal dinner. It was now about 10am. By the time we we able to get back and call them it was almost noon. We wanted to start things there at 5pm. Fortunately, the people there were so helpful. They had to take down their exhibition for us and everything. It worked so well. Some photos of the party from Bernadette are below...

More photos here.

Sean with one of the beers he made for us:

My parents and the Torts (who made it out of Estes Park at the last minute):

Lenny and Grandma Sharpe:

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