Thursday, December 16, 2004

free is good

One of our customers is here in Hamilton this week, so I went out to dinner with some work mates to take him out. We hit up the Sahara Tent for some excellent Turkish foods. I need to go there more often. A few years ago my mom and I couldn't find any turkey to eat on Thanksgiving when we were here in Hamilton, NZ... so we went there for Turkish. Corny huh?

I guess Hamish couldn't get the SkyTV connection switched to our house, so we are losing Sky as of today. Bummer for us, but it will save me a few bucks a week.

Well, I have no plans for this weekend. I was originally going to go to Gisborne with Marty and Simeon to visit Kenny, but Simeon is stuck in Auckland. Maybe I will go up to Auckland to see him. The weather is going to suck for the second weekend in a row, so I guess there is no tramping. I still need to do Pirongia. That is going to have to wait until after I get from Australia now. Maybe Si will be back in the Tron to do it...

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