Saturday, December 18, 2004

Te Aroha day

Just got off the phone with Ben and Mel and I am heading off to climb Mt. Te Aroha. I am going to try to take Ben's suggestion and do it via the Wairongamai Valley since I did the normal summit track last time.

Sounds like things are kinda hard for them in the States. They are working a lot and not getting to ride much. I think it will settle for them a bit once they get into a groove.

Yesterday I stayed home pretty much all day and made spaghetti sauce and meatballs. Came out really good. I will probably be having that for dinner a few nights this week... maybe lunch too.

At night Sashan came over and then we went to a show at Sohl. This Night Creeps and The Crazy 88s played. It was cool to go enjoy a show, but it didn't even start until midnight and I was really tired by the end.

Time to go pack and lunch and head off for Te Aroha. Here are the pictures from last time I climbed it: here.

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