Thursday, December 30, 2004

New Year's Eve in Cairns

I am back from my 4 day liveaboard dive expedition out to the Coral Sea. That was amazing. We were about 100 nautical miles farther than the outer Great Barrier Reef. It took 15 hours to get out there in the boat. I felt a little sick on the way back in, but never ralphed, so that was cool.

We fed sharks, dove in some amazing coral, Checked out the 4000 meter drop off the edge of the continental plateau. Really awesome. Cool people on the boat too. We are meeting at a pub in 30 minutes to hang out. Not sure what the rest of the evening will entail yet.

I will be in Cairns for another few days. I think I might head up to Daintree or out to the Outback on the 2nd.

I do have a few pictures... Here is a sampling:

Brisbane's city lagoon:

Cairn's city lagoon:

Sunset on the Coral Sea:

Rum Runner II:

Dive briefing:

View of the Rum Runner II from the top:

My dive buddies:

Shark feeding before we jumped in to feed them more:

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