Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Byron Bay

I have made it to Byron Bay. This place is busy. I got here this morning and didn't have a booking for a place to stay. All the people at the info centre were trying to call places and having a hard time. I rang two places and the second one I got a place. They said they just had a cancellation and I was lucky.

After getting in to the hostel I went up to the beach and walked around. So many topless girls... loving that... Cool beach, but the sea is really choppy so I didn't get out for a surf. I will go early tomorrow morning I guess. I am staying here tomorrow night as well, then heading up to the Gold Coast and checking out Kirra Beach, then on to Surfer's Paradise.

I met a really cool girl on the beach from Melbourne. Of course I slacked and didn't get her name or number or anything. Talked for a short time then we both left. She is leaving for Surfer's Paradise tomorrow... I'll have to try to find her tonight. Yeah right... there are so many people in this town. It is nuts here.

Unfortunately, this computer has no USB port, but as soon as I find one I will post some pictures.

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