Sunday, January 02, 2005

Smelliest guy in Brisbane

Ok, I am sitting in an internet cafe in Bris-Vegas and the smelliest guy in the whole city just plopped himself down next to me. I think this will be a short post so I can get the hell out of here.

Last night I went out with a few guys in Cairns then went back to the hostel and crashed out early. Got up at 4am to catch a bus to the airport and now I am in Brisbane. Wandering around, doing some shopping. I think I am going to head down to the Lagoon and sit in the sun for the afternoon.

The hostel I am staying at takes people up Mt. Koo-Tha (or however it is spelled) on Tuesday nights so I am going to go up there I think. I have a bus ticket to Byron Bay tomorrow morning. I will head down there for a day or two then go to the Gold Coast and check out Kirra Beach, Surfer's Paradise, and whatever else I can find there then head back to Brisbane on Saturday afternoon to catch my evening flight back to Hamil-tron in the NZ.

Well, off to go get some more Aussie sun.

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