Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Kinda boring

I kept hearing how great Byron Bay is... how it is laid back and fun. Well, I am not seeing that so much. All people do here is drink and party. There is nothing else. Really that is most of what I have seen in Australia. I am not overly impressed.

I guess the waves are crap again today. I hope the sets are better tomorrow in Kirra Beach. I am heading up there in the morning...

Stupid sun burn... Yesterday I got my second sunburn ever. I am not liking it. It is not too bad and I have been putting on heaps of aloe vera gel. Today I am going to wear a shirt all day so that it can heal up... Hopefully it better by tomorrow so I don't have to wear a shirt surfing.

Off to the beach for the day (after applying sunscreen).

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