Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sleeping Inn Surfers

Well, I got to finally get out on a surfboard yesterday. The waves were small, but that was alright... I still got tossed around a bit. I caught a few. Much easier on a longboard.

Last night I just hung out around the hostel. It was so bloody hot in our room. I dealt with it though.

Today I think I am going to go down to Kirra Beach a bit south down the coast. There are buses that head down that way every 10 minutes or so, but first I need to organize my rides to the airport in Brisbane tomorrow. There is an "airtrain" for $20 that I think I will take. It goes right to the airport.

Surfer's Paradise is a lot different than Byron Bay. There isn't the whole hippie thing going on and it is really commericialized. Good shopping though. I wandered around the malls and stuff yesterday as well. I need to take some Surfer's Paradise pictures today because it is not as overcast as yesterday.

Sounds like I have plenty to do... Outta here!

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